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My Etsy shop
Through my shop I offer quirky, unusual and interesting creativity kits and packs of themed vintage papers ... and there's always a new product idea in the development stages.

My magazine work I contribute regularly to several papercrafting titles [please scroll down for a full back-catalogue of those] and am always seeking out opportunities to contribute to both craft and lifestyle magazines.

Jot Magazine
June 2012 Issue 1 I contributed an article about my regular 'Month in Numbers' blog feature to this brand new title for 'modern memory keepers'

Get Stamping Magazine
July 2013: I contributed a 5 card set using various background stamping techniques.

Stampington & Company titles:

Somerset Memories Magazine: 
Autumn 2012: In my article 'Found Words: My Scrapbooked Life Stories' I discussed how I use words and phrases, cut from old books, to add autobiographical details to my scrapbook pages. The feature uses 6 of my pages to illustrate my point.
Spring 2012: 'Unravelled Meanings' was a feature on the stories within two scrapbook layouts plus one layout in the reader's pages section.

Art Journaling by Somerset Studio: Spring 2012 [Volume 2 Issue 4]: Journaling in Comfort - a feature on how the  practicalities of the way I journal has had an effect on the style of my pages.

Papercraft Inspirations Magazine:

* Some of my work previously published in Papercraft Inspirations Magazine occasionally appears in their sister title Made in Paper.

Issue 123: [Mar 2014] This issue includes my '10 Ways with Envelopes' feature and a Masterclass on Iris Folding with a modern twist.
Issue 122: [Feb 2014] I created another '10Ways with' feature in this issue - this time with buttons - and also a 'master class' on Gilding Flakes.
Issue 121: [Jan 2014] I contributed a '10Ways with Hexagon Dies' feature and a Heat Embossing 'master class' to this issue.

Issue 120: [2013] '10 Ways with Alphabets' with a Christmassy twist.
Issue 119: [Dec 2013] My festive themed '10 Ways with Fabric' featured in this issue.
Issue 118:  [Nov 2013] Pop-Up cards masterclass and a '10 Ways with' all about how to put corrugated card to use.
Issue 117:  [Oct 2013] I created a woodland squirrel themed set for this one, plus a masterclass all about using masks/stencils. 
Issue 116:  [Sept 2013] A masking Masterclass and a set of bright and cheerful flamingo themed cards were my contribution to this issue.
Issue 115:  [Aug 2013] Here I explored different ways to use the same 2 bicycle stamps across a set of 5 cards + a gift bag.
Issue 114:  [July2013] I really enjoyed the birthday tag set I made for this issue - in bright summer colours.
Issue 113:  [June2013] A '10 Ways with' feature saw me putting cork to the test on various cards and papercraft items and I created a fun set of Father's Day items with a neck-tie theme.
Issue 112: [May 2013] Another Masterclass for me in this issue - this time all about Machine Embossing, plus a set of Wedding themed card toppers.
Issue 111 [April 2013]: this issue I'm picking up another of the 'Masterclass' sections - focussing this time on Die-Cutting. I also created a ultra-feminine 'Flouncy Florals' set.
Issue 110: I gave a set of cards plus bag and tag an Easter-y touch with fun chicks and chickens for this issue. I also contributed 4 'Well done' cards to the 'Quick Cards' section. 
Issue 109: here I followed a 'tropical birds' theme to make a fun set of birthday cards.
Issue 108: for this issue I created a set of tactile, pastel shaded 'Winter Flowers' themed cards, gift bags and tags.
Issue 107: This issue saw me return to the '10 Ways With' feature, this time creating 10 festive ideas for using colourful paper straws on cards and scrapbook pages. I also crearted '5 Quick Cards' with a Christmas theme.
Issue 106 [Dec 2012]: my contribution to the '10 Ways With ...' feature this time involved '3D gift tags' with a Christmas theme. I also created 4 mixed occasion party invitations for this issue.
Issue 105: for the 'Masterclass' feature in this issue I showed ways to add pockets to cards and scrapbook pages. Plus I created 4 'Quick cards' with a grids + patchwork theme.
Issue 104: I had another chance to design for the 'Masterclass' feature, this time demonstrating layered anddimensional flower embellishments.
Issue 103: this issue featured my article showing creative ways to add flags and buting to cards/gifts.
Issue 102: this issue featured my '10 Ways With ... ruffles and frills' articles where 10 card/gift ideas were given a frilly touch. Also in this issue: my 'Masterclass' on adding creative apertures to cards and scrapbook pages.
Issue 101: '10 Ways With ... Cupcake cases' displayed 10 cards/gift ideas using paper cupcake cases.
Issue 100: 2 cards, one to celebrate the magazine's Centenery.
Issue 99: 4 cards with a focus on stamping.
Issue 98 [April] : A 'Masterclass' on using ProMarkers.
Issue 97: A 'Masterclass' on using spray inks.
Issue 94: A mini paper-bag album
Christmas Card Bookazine: 4 Christmas cards
Issue 91: A set of  snail themed cards.
Issue 90: A set of bird themed 'Thank You' cards.
Issue 89: A set of butterfly themed 'Thank You' cards.
Issue 87: A set of hand-drawn shoe themed cards complete with digital download
Issue 86: A set of pretty pink pig cards ... with puns.
Issue 84: A 'Masterclass' on re-colouring crafting supplies.
Issue 82: A set of cards using the same character stamps.
Issue 80: A Christmas 'Gift Guide To Me' and a set of floral cards.
Issue 79: Adding photographs to your Christmas cards
Issue 78 featured my autumn woodland creatures project
Issues 74 - 77 featured my four part series of articles on 'Scrapbooking for Cardmakers'.
A selection of the above projects can be seen in my Papercraft Inspirations Flickr set

Creativity! Magazine:

I've been a regular contributor to the bi-monthly Creativity magazine for several years. My work for them covers all aspects of papercrafting including: scrapbooking, cardmaking, gift ideas, home decor and 3D items.

Here's a brief description of my contributions:
Issue 45 -
Issue 44 - here I made a card to showcase the Goody Bag kit, decorated canvas bunting for the Miniature Makes feature and made a fabric-covered bracelet.
Issue 43 - Here I worked on projects using the free cover gift and created a card for Take a Template
Issue 42 [Nov 2013] - I worked with flower dies for the Technique Challenge and created a card for Take a Template
Issue 41 [Sept 2013] - here I made some packaging for savoury foodie treats and a festive page for Scrap the Everyday
Issue 40 [July 2013] - here I created scrapbook pages 'Inspired by Patchwork' and also a page for the Take a Template section.
Issue 38 [March  2013] - here I upcycled craft supply packing into fun gift boxes.
Issue 37 [January 2013] - here I contributed to the Take the Time section showing how scrapbooking can develop the more time a layout takes to create.
Issue 36 [November 2012] - here I contributed to the Surprise Supplies section, combining feathers into scrapbook pages and contributed to the Make Your Own History scrapbooking feature which this time was based around the idea of scrapbooking 'Princess for a Day' themed photos!
Issue 35 [September 2012] - this issue included a home office decor/ decorative storage feature, a piece on Creative Ways With Twine and my take on the Make Your Own History scrapbooking feature about 'weather' related photos.
Issue 34 [July 2012] - a feature on Creative Ways With Nesting dies feature plus 'Take A Template'
Issue 33 [May 2012] - some home decor ideas; my take on the Make Your Own History scrapbooking feature and using decoupage as my Surprise Supplies feature.
Issue 32 [March 2012] - A Stash-Upgrade using foldies cards; my take on the Make Your Own History scrapbooking feature about school photos; my Surprise Supplies feature this time round shows how to use stamps on scrapbook pages.
Issue 31 [Jan 2012] - Valentine's sweet-treat projects, my take on the Make Your Own History scrapbooking feature about family holidays; Surprise Supplies where I incorporated butterfly die-cuts into scrapbooking and a set of number cards.
Issue 30 [Nov 2011] - Surprise Supplies segment where I demonstrate how to bring in a spot of quilling to your scrapbook pages; the Make Your Own History scrapbooking feature; the Style Guru section, along with decorated gift bags and boxes for the Designer Challenge section,
Issue 29 [September 2011] - Table decorations for a Halloween party; Christmas cards; ribbon cards; using stickers on the Surprise Supplies scrapbooking feature and several layouts for the Make Your Own History scrapbooking feature also.
Issue 28 [July 2011] - Up-cycling home decor feature; several layouts for the Surprise Supplies, Style Guru and Make Your Own History features and a selection of cards.
Issue 27 [May 2011] - A set of 3D animal character cards; several layouts for the Make Your Own History and Surprise Supplies features; a selection of cards.
Issue 26 [March 2011] - An Easter wreath project; a layout in the Make Your Own History feature and 3 layouts in the time challenge feature.
Issue 25 [Jan 2011] A card from a sketch plus two googly-eyed 3D robots.
Issue 24 [Nov 2010] Lacy cards and acetate cupcake boxes
Issue 23 [Sept 2010] Sparkly Christmas card ideas and a festive banner.
A selection of the above published items can be seen in my Creativity! Flickr set.

2008 - 2010: Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine 
Sept 09 - June 10: Design Team member for the Scrapbook Inspirations Ideas Books 1+2  [Until they ceased publication]
March 08 - Sept 09: Freelance contributor to Scrapbook Inspirations magazine, which included producing work to fit within the existing magazine format; producing original articles and also regularly answered queries on the 'Ask the Experts' pages.

Featuring Magazine
Nov 2011 - May 2012: Worked as a Contributing Editor on the launch and 2nd issue of this new international, mixed-media magazine.

My own creative ventures:

* I host a monthly feature 'My Month in Numbers' in which I summarise and document the events of the previous month using numbers. And bloggers from around the world join me! I use a Pinterest board to host everyone's post making it easy for all to share their lives and build a community.
* I regularly blog creative projects, step-by-steps and inspiration posts.

Hosted The Push-Up Bra Blogging - a free online class aimed at supporting anyone who felt their own blogging was a little ... flat.
Jan 2013 - Developed and launched 'The Couture Collection' range of crafting + gift-wrapping kits.
Sept 2012 - Developed and launched 'the 'Fabricky Bits' range of creativity kits.
Aug 2012 - I hosted 'The Height of Summer' a fun, interactive, blog series encouraging other bloggers to step out from behind the anonymity of their keyboard and share their height with us all. It resulted in many funny blog posts from contributors around the word ... and I complied all our measurements on to a height chart to see how we all measured up!
May 2012 Hosted  a second, shorter, version of 2011's 'Going Postal'  blog series designed to get people creating with and sharing their love of all this postage related.
April 2012 - Developed and launched the 'Blank Looks' range of craft supply kits.
Mar 2012 - developed and launched 'Interesting Bits'- mixed paper and embellishment kits.
Sept - Nov 2011: Hosted 'Purple Phase' an interactive blog series encouraging purple-phobics to reconsider the much-maligned shade of the colour-spectrum!
Oct 2011: developed and launched 'Plundered Pages' - vintage paper packs to sell in my shop.
July/Aug 2011: Hosted 'Going Postal' a blog series designed to get people creating with and sharing their love of all this postage related.
May/June 2011: Delivered 'Tips for the Design Team-curious' a series focussing on getting a place on / learning from / developing skills related to creative Design Teams.
Jan/Feb 2011: I wrote and delivered 'Tips for the Twitter Curious' a series of guides to getting started in and getting more out of Twitter.
Nov 2010: Delivered the 12 Days workshops for the 2nd year in a row.
Aug 10 onwards: Launched my etsy.com online shop Julie Kirk and The Carousel Zebra
7-9 May 10:  Co-hosted The Copy + Paste Project's birthday blog party which included organising an array of guest posts from respected contributors across all areas of the arts.
Oct - Nov 09: co-delivered '12 Days', an online series of handmade gift workshops for The Copy + Paste Project.
May 09: launched The Copy + Paste Project a new challenge and inspiration blog with freelance writer and artist Kirsty Neale.
Nov 08: Set up my own blog notes on paper.
Nov 08: Was one of six winners of the title 'Best of British Scrapbooking' competition held by Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine.

Education + Personal Development courses releveant to my creative career:
2001 - Graduated with a First Class [Hons] Degree in English [Teesside University]
2003 - 'Tutoring in the Community' course.
2008 - Screenwriting course.
2008 - Short-film making Summer School

Design Team roles:
April 2010 - present: 
Scattered Scarlet Design Team member for the 3DJean online store.

Guest contributions to shimelle.com
October 2011: Guest designed for 'Pretty Paper Party' online class
July 2011: Guest designed for Shimelle's '4x6 Photo Love' feature on the Two Peas site.
January 2011: Guest posted a 5-layout feature
June 09: Colour tutorial as a guest blogger.

Past DT roles:
January 09 - January 2011: Banana Frog [stamp manufacturer] Design Team member. July 08 - July 10: Crafty Templates 'Quirky Kits' Design Team member.
Oct 08 - March 10: Gauche Alchemy Design Team member. I'm now an affiliate partner of GA.

Guest Design Team / Guest blogger details:
Oct 2012: Contributed a new art journal page to the Spooky Weekend hosted at The Making Spot;
Oct 2011: Was invited to discuss my Tips for the Twitter-curious series on Oops I Craft My Pants, here.
Sept 2011: Participated in the Art From The Heart birthday party Blog Hop with a layout.
May/June 2011: Guest designed with a Quirky Scrapbooking kit from Crafty Templates.
April 2011: Guest designed with LittleMusings digital stamps here.
June / July 10: Designed with a papercrafting kit from Which Crafts? 
May 10:  Set a challenge for the Scrap Whispers blog party here.
Jan 09: The Creative Type guest spot.
Oct 08: Q-Tea Kits guest spot.
08 The Creative Type guest spot.

Sept 09: My stamped pebble project for Banana Frog was featured here on One Pretty Thing.
July 09: My stamped tea towel project for Banana Frog was featured here on the dollarstorecrafts.com site.
June 09: One of my canvases featured in the blisstree.com crafts section.
April 09: My Banana Frog Project of the Day was picked up by One Pretty Thing.