For the last few years I've been collecting snippets of things I've overheard, listened-in to and generally loitered about to hear, mainly while working on a University campus. 

I share them here usually alongside an accompanying photo or drawing which illustrates the salient points; like shrimps; toilets and librarians ... you know the kind of thing....

28.04.12 A Most Excellent Overheard Dude! Nothing could make me much happier than a Bill & Ted themed overheard!
18.03.12 File Under 'Ironic' Memory .. it's a funny thing. Especially when I'm on hand to write it all down.
16.12.11 Ahh ... but he's a clean handed idiot. The course of young love may not run smooth, but at least it's hygenic.
15.10.11 It's OK, the council make them from fairy pillows. When not having a solid front door is a good thing ... apparently.
21.08.11 Do Mythical Creatures Sweat? ... one shop assistant used to think so.
28.06.11 Priorities Grandad! A small girl sets out her future marraige plans.
26.03.11 I'm on the 'Drink Me' diet - like Alice. Two men inspiring curious images while discussing weight loss.
15. 03.11 Yeah, I heard that rumour. An un/intenttional flicker of Groucho Marx-style witticism.
27.01.11 Well, it's the next best thing. One lecturer's attempt to get 'down with the kids'.
23.12.10 I think I'd have remembered. Possibly one of my most favourite overheards ever!
07.12.10 Are Santa's Elves in a union? The joys of working at Christmas. 
16.11.10 You know who I mean - big woman, spiky hair. A case of mistaken identity.EAsily done. Not as if it's a world famous landmark or anything.
21.10.10 You've made your bed ... If you're eating right now, you might not want to read this one! 
11.10.10 It's Like the Fort Knox of the sandwich world. Includes the best use of the word 'jalepeno' I've heard this year.
22.09.10 Not that Old Excuse? Includes one of the best excuses you're likely to hear.
21.08.10 Ingredients for the Perfect Movie ... according to teenage students that is!
25.07.10 Safety in Numbers [Glee, Men in hats + students]
09.07.10 Airshow Special [eyebrow plucking, from the mouths of babes and Daniel O'Donnell!]
24.06.10 International Politics for 9 Year olds [Aung Sang Suu Kyi, crisps + hair woes]
17.06.10 And Don't Get me started on Choc-chip! [An irrational response to muffins!]
10.06.10 Brand Awareness
03.06.10 Business etiquette
27.05.10 Scouting for Girls
20.05.10 Moving the Stars: Pt 2
14.05.10 The course of true love and cycling
06.05.10 Cuisine
28.04.10 Fun on the Farm
22.04.10 Don't Blame Me
15.04.10 Crouching Squashball Hidden Dragonfruit
08.04.10 Please, spare me the details
01.04.10 Not Like a Sink
25.03.10 Horsing Around
18.03.10 In the Red Corner
11.03.10 I Heard That!
04.03.10 An Inconvenient Truth
25.02.10 Nursing Students? Or Not?
18.02.10 Wombling Free
11.02.10 Talking To God?