[Tips for the DT-curious]

This series looks at the phenomena of creative design teams ... from all angles!
As well as  focussing on design team life all the advice offered is also reinterpreted to make it applicable to blogging-life and even 'real'-life as well so join me for what I hope is a series to get people talking!
  1. So you want to be on a Design Team? :: Understanding your own motives, considering why you want to be on a DT.
  2. Balancing expectations :: Discovering what's required of DT members; assessing your willingness and availability.
  3. Shaping-up for Selection :: Finding your niche; preparing your application; building your confidence.
  4. Raising your creative game:: Taking better photos; improving your presentation; tackling new skills.
  5. Finding out about Design Team opportunities :: Where to find DT calls; getting on the grapevine; keeping up-to-date on vacancies.
  6. Making it work for you :: Capitalising on your DT experience; making the most of the opportunity; preserving your sanity; preventing grudges!
  7. Moving on, branching out, going around :: Looking beyond DT life; focussing your creative energies elsewhere; seeking satisfying alternatives.
  8. What did I miss? :: Rounding up; answering questions; tying up loose ends.