[Tips for the Twitter-curious]

Tips for the Twitter-curious is a free 9-part blog mini-series  for people who want to:
  • read about what on earth twitter.com is and does;
  • get more out of Twitter than they already are;
  • hear practical ideas on making the site work for them;
  • uncover some of the more artistic values and uses of Twitter.
Please spread the word to anyone you know who might benefit from a non-threatening, lighthearted-yet-in-depth, exploration of Twitter-ville.  It's aimed at everyone including:
  • complete beginners;
  • those with an account already but who don't use it;
  • those who do use it but for only one purpose;
  • and even for those who think the idea of writing very short messages is ridiculous and pointless!
If you join in with the classes - at any time at all -  let me know! Simply leave me a blog comment or come and nudge me on Twitter. My Twitter username is @notesonpaper  

All 9 class posts are here:

 a. General Introduction: Come Tweet With Me? 
1. To Tweet or Not to Tweet? - Making a case for Twitter
2. Let's Start at the Very Beginning: A Guided Tour of Twitter
3. To Follow and be Followed: Building Your Twitter Network
4. Minding Your Ps, Qs and RTs: Getting-by in Twitter-speak
5. A Practical Approach: Making Twitter pull it's own weight.
6. Think Local: Bringing Twitter to your Doorstep.
7. Succinct; Snappy; Sublime: The Skill and Poetry of Twitter.
8. Being Followed by a Velociraptor ... and God: Embracing the Weird of Twitter
9. Last minute 'How To's and the Final Verdict! 

Happy Tweeting!