Sunday 16 August 2009

Measuring creativity.


Sometimes my body and my mind have differing agendas.

Sometimes my body wants, more than anything, to sleep ...while my mind prefers to strike-up into full blown idea-sprouting and planning mode.

Sometimes this comes in useful.

When I was younger the solutions to homework problems which had hitherto eluded me, quite often dropped into my drowsy 'Inbox', just as I was drifting off to sleep. I soon learned that, to prevent me either [a] forgetting the ideas or [b] having to get up out of bed to scrabble around in the dark, or worse still, have to turn the light on, to write it all down ... I needed to start keeping a notebook by my bed. Which I still do.

I've even been known to write in it in the dark [James has often pondered on how I manage to do this while maintaining not merely legible but relatively neat handwriting ...I don't know ...I guess it's literally, one of my hidden talents!].

This week, the little team of creatives who hang out in my sleepy brain took advantage of an odd bird-call which has started waking me at dawn each day .... and they started shouting ideas at me. There's been all sorts going on in there; from ideas for future design team projects and blog topics to thoughts of belts.

Yes, belts.

So, I've paid several visits to my buckle tin in the last few days which, as the name tends to suggest, is a tin ... of buckles. I've picked them up from various antique fairs, junk shops and crafty places mainly with the intention to use them on papercraft projects.

But when my belt-related-inspiration struck ... I was happy to have a selection of belt-related accessories on hand.

Before going out yesterday morning I managed to see one of my sleep-defeating ideas through to fruition with the aid of an old measuring tape, a brushed metal buckle, two eyelets and a Silent Setter: I love it, even though I'm aware that it's a tiny bit eccentric and am I'm almost certain it drew a few looks from people when I wore it yesterday.

James however, says that the looks I received might have been because I was - and I quote -: "the hottest thing there yesterday".
But ... considering that 'there' was actually an exhibition of scale models, railways and Meccano ... and was thus filled with scale model, railway and Meccano enthusiasts ... in all honesty, and without a single hint of false-modesty, I can't really say that I was faced with a lot of competition in the 'hot' stakes!

It's the thought that counts though isn't it?



  1. Love this, as always, check out your tiny 26" waist! :D x

  2. Lovelovelove this! I keep a notebook by my bed too - I'm always thinking of things I need to do during the night, and unless I write them down, I just can't sleep.

    I think you should show us your freakishly tidy night time in the dark handwriting!

  3. Oh, I need one of those to spur me on with my current diet :)

  4. Way too scary having a tape measure as a belt but on your it looks perfect - great idea

  5. I'm thinking for the rest of us less-perfectly-formed types, someone should invent a tape measure marked out in happy inches. You know - like 'underground time', where the signs on the tube telling you the train will arrive in 2 minutes have entirely their own concept of what 2 minutes actually is? Happy inches would be 26 markings (so we can all have that wee a waist) split evenly over the length of whatever your waist is. Simple pimple, happily belted types all round.

    Dragon's Den, I'm on my way...



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