Thursday 14 April 2011

The potato that looked like a Marc Johns drawing

Hi,hi, hi.

You know how it is ... you find a vegetable, with a face, that looks like it's been drawn by an artist you admire ... right? Right?

Well, I know how it is. It's just like this ...
We'd been grocery shopping and James was removing the older, eye-sprouting, potatoes from the basket and replacing them with the the ones we'd just bought.
Him: "Ha! This one's got a face".

And so it did:

Me: "Awww ... look at it. It looks like a Marc Johns drawing!!".

And so it does:
When Henry blew bubbles they became more than that
Above - When Henry Blew Bubbles they Became More Than That.

Below - If You Sit on Me

if you sit on me
Would You Like Some Eyes? [appropriate question for a potato ... wouldn't you say?]
would you like some eyes?
You can find out more about Marc Johns' work on his website and his Flickr gallery.  

And you can find out more about my potatoes by looking in my pull-out grocery cupboard.

Follow up: I posted a photo of my Marc Johns potato on Marc Johns' Facebook wall thinking he might like it ... but at the time of writing - he hasn't yet responded. 

As for the potato ...
... he ended his days in a rather smashing celery and garlic soup!

[Edited to add: OK,  Marc Johns has now left me a very lovely comment below ... I'm now in a mix of emotions ranging from delight to guilt at eating the potato AND I feel bad for implying he hadn't responded to a random photo of a potato a strange woman sent to him ... Mostly delight though!]

Thanks for reading today.
Julie :-)

p.s: If you like things liked this [whatever this is!] you might like Faces in Places - a Flickr group I've been looking at for years which has photos of ... errrrm ... faces .. in places.


  1. What a handsome spud :D, One night JP called me into the kitchen to ask the question "is it me or is there a face in this onion?" there was a face there & I even photographed it because I thought the question was so hilarious, I just never got around to scrapping it, maybe I should.
    C xx

  2. Hi Julie, thanks for the delightful blog post! Sorry for not responding on Facebook - I don't log into it very often. That is a remarkable potato. I think he believes that if he keeps his eyes closed tight, no one will see him and he will be left alone (and not get chopped up and cooked).

  3. Oh poor 'spud' he looks like he was only having a little kip while no one was looking and he ends up in hot water, ok soup :)

  4. Julie can you keep your eyes open for some mouths please - Gail is always complaining that my stamped images don't have mouths so I was thinking of starting to collect some for her :-)

    Love Andrea xx

  5. He is beautiful - he looks slightly forlorn. Perhaps he knew he was destined for the soup bowl.
    Lovely post.

  6. Aww, have you no heart, woman? You ATE him? Ouch ... He could have been left to quietly age, and grow wizened, and then been popped back into the ground to grow some new little ones ... Where did I leave that hanky ...


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