Sunday, 15 May 2011

Found: Someone has their priorities clear

Hello you.

Last week on campus I spotted an abandoned index card and you know me ... always on the look out for found item to ... errm ... 'find', so I picked it up.

It was a shopping list.

Morever ... it was a student shopping list.

Ask me how I know it belonged to a student ... or just look at what made the top of the list, then judge for yourself:
Do you think those are the ingredients for one meal?

And if so ... what on earth were they planning to make?


p.s: The oh-so-symbolic-for-student-life 'lazy onions' have got to be my favourite part of that whole list!


Heather said...

maybe chip butties in a creamy red wine & onion reduction,served with a nice coke?! not appealing!

Effie said...

You can use that on your journal page!

Clair said...

I don't know about anyone else but I could go for a coke float right now. Mmmmm.

Carmen said...

I've heard of (and am red-facedly admitting to using) easy ginger and garlic... but onions? What the...