Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Outfit: My 'summer' wardrobe?

Hello, hello.

I'm British ...

... and therefore I'm contractually obliged to blog about the weather at least once a season. At least once.

It's only polite. So here goes ...

One day last week - in the middle of June - I knew I had to go out to the shops and chose my outfit accordingly.

 Now, seeing as it's the middle of June [ie: summer] you might imagine that this would involve a floaty dress, sandals, sunglasses and carefree sun-kissed hair.

Well [a] you'd be wrong, and [b] you're also probably not living in the UK this summer ... because if you did, you'd know that my outfit needed to be more like this:
Let me just break this summertime ensemble down for you, it involves:
  • Bertie boots. When I bought these last September I joked that "I might live in them now". Many a true word spoken in jest.
  • Jeans.
  • Striped long sleeve T-shirt.
  • Spotty vest.
  • Baggy cardigan.
And not forgetting two of the most important elements of the outfit ... namely...
  • A scarf. A scarf!! Have I mentioned it's June?
  • And a floral print rain mac.
The mac was a £5 bargain bought in a winter sale when I imagined I'd look chic wearing it during spring showers ...

And yet here I am ... still wearing it in 'summer' and as if that wasn't bad enough last week I caught a glimpse of myself in it in a car window. Its shiny fabric meant it was slipping off my shoulders under my bag strap and my hair was all mushed about from wearing the hood. and,  do you know what I looked like?

I looked exactly like my 6 year-old self at home time from school. That's what I looked like! C'est la vie.

But let's not get too despondent, the sun's shining today and I've almost managed to forget the weather forecast this morning which said we were in for "a few days of sun ... followed by a few days of wind and rain".
Right ... I'd better go now and make hay. How about you?
Julie :-)


  1. Ha ha! Our weather is just bloody ridculous isn't it?! I have become the Queen of layering... I do catch myself looking longingly at my maxi dresses & skirts though *sigh*

  2. Was busy making hay but got rained off!

  3. ... and here's me, the beached whale at the moment, melting in our one day of sun and praying for a cool shower when I walk to school this afternoon. Hate the sun, hate the heat, roll on Autumn I say ;)

  4. Love that we both blogged boots today! Nice mac, almost worth getting wet for :)

  5. Need to move further north - minimal rain since the Jubilee weekend!

  6. Ok there's definitely a boots theme happening today as I've just blogged about boots too, i do love yours they look very nice. As for 6 year olds at home time, I now have a standing joke with my DD's teacher as DD refuses to go to school (or leave again) without wearing her winter coat & woolly hat even in todays scorching heat lol.

  7. Oh Julie, this made me smile. I would rather look like my six year old school child self than my 60 year old baglady self:) lovely here today BUT that means HAYFEVER....boo hiss

  8. So it's because of your comment about boots that we have had this awful weather. Know who to blame now ;) Saying that loving squinting at the laptop because it's too sunny today :0)

  9. It's rediculous isn't it? I've found myself layering up ,almost put the heating back on! roll on winter lol, perhaps we'll have a heat wave ;)

  10. Yup! We're definitely having the most British of "Summers"!
    Love the raincoat..and the boots. But really - three layers, plus a raincoat? How cold it must have been!
    Never mind about the mushed hair and slippy coat - everyone has the same problems just now.

    At least the sun is shining just now and we can catch a few rays, to cheer us all up!
    Enjoy it while you can - have a great week!

  11. You're dead right Julie,the weather here is unbelievable !!

  12. Hihi, the same wardrobe here in Holland too...

  13. Much too cool and wet for haymaking here, alas - it'll all be winter sileage. But loving your look, six year old or not. I bought a raincoat two weeks ago and it's never off my back ...


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