Tuesday 29 January 2013

Cardmaking: a puzzle-piece Valentine

Hi, hi.

If you think you're likely to receive a Valentine's card from me this year, and don't want to spoil your surprise, then .... LOOK AWAY NOW!

[For the record, that mainly applies to just the one person round here and, statistically, it's unlikely that I'm talking to you. However, I guess your reaction might at least reveal how romantic/misguided/egotistical you are.]

Anyway ...

If you dropped by here last week you'll have seen the card I made using embossing folders combined with a plastic puzzle piece [from a Christmas cracker] and today I've got another to share, this time with a love theme:
It's so simple that I'm not sure if I'll be insulting your intelligence by describing how I made this ... but I'll take the risk ...

  • I ran a small [4x4"] card blank through a Papermania 'Chequered'design embossing folder;
  • then added two inter-connecting puzzle pieces using 3D foam pads;
  • and finally I stamped a greeting with my alphabet rolling stamp ... but I bet you could see all that from the photo couldn't you?:


If you like the idea of 'just fitting' [ie. if you're not repulsed by the romantic sentiment] here are a few ideas of how you could adapt it:
  • change the sentiment to 'You Just Fit' to use on a Wedding, Engagement or Anniversary card
And if you haven't got any plastic puzzle pieces then there are alternatives:.
  • try 2 interlocking jigsaw pieces: use them as they are OR cover them with patterned paper or paint/ink/stamped designs. 
  • die or hand-cut 2 heart shapes in different papers. Place one on top of the other and tear or cut them in half down the centre. Now take the left half of one and piece it together with the right side of the other so that the two halves together make one full heart. [All together now ... awwwwww].
If you give any of these a go then do let me know:
  •  I'd love to see it - because [a] I'm nosy and [b] I like to think that in sharing my work here I might just have inspired someone, somewhere at some point to go fiddle with paper!
  • Plus ... I'll make sure to pin it to my catchily-titled 'Other People's Work Based on My Projects' Pinterest board.
  • [I've rather neglected it of late and think it deserves cheering up a bit - so if you've got any projects I've missed .. come tug my sleeve and point me in the direction of your project!] Please.]

And, before you go ...

I've just launched a new kit down the catwalk ... The Couture Collection: a range of fashion-inspired crafty accessory packs which combines my love of all things crafty ... with a good excuse to browse fashion websites!

There are 4 designs available right now:
I'll be back soon with a scrapbook page I've made using the 80s Prints so you can see it 'in action' but until then, you can browse the rails here.

Soo, soon, soon.

Julie :-)


  1. ps - went and checked out the new kits and they are gorgeous!

  2. A cute idea for the card and a great way to upcycle cracker fodder!

  3. It really doesn't matter that we could see how your rather clever card was made, what does matter however is that you took time out from your busy schedule to share it with us ;)
    I just love it!.x

  4. Julie, you always inspire me to fiddle with paper :D Fab card, love the jigsaw idea.
    C xx

  5. Funny that I've just been using some (very old) jigsaw bits on a page myself! Like the idea of the hearts ... The colour combo here is so fresh and zingy! (And did I mention 'clever'?)

  6. What a simply super card !!

  7. Brilliant idea! If only I hadn't thrown away the cracker gifts at Christmas ...

  8. Thanks for the card tips - will try the heart idea I think :) Love yours btw


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