Monday, 10 March 2014

'We have something in common' :: Paper Love blog hop

Hello you. How's things?

Today I'm joining in with the Paperphilia 'Paper Love' blog hop and taking it as a chance to debut the style of papery thing I've been working on, quietly for over a year now.

[I would say I'd been working on them 'secretly' but that sounds far more clandestine than it really is and it makes me seem paranoid. Which I'm not. Why? Who said I was paranoid?]

I haven't blogged any of these before so the only way you might have seen one would be if you've been curled up on the sofa next to me of an evening when I've been snipping out and sticking. Have you been? No? Oh, I thought I recognised you ...

They're a little different from my other creative papery potterings - art-journaling, collage, scrapbooking, card making etc. Gone are the colours the layers, the textures ... and yet what remains - monochrome, plain and pared down - still feels right to me:
It's a style of work I've fallen utterly in love with as it combines two of the things which inspire me the most: paper [specifically pages from my vintage book collection] and words, which together result in a 3rd thing I hold dear: communicating through the written word.

This 'back-to-basics' approach appears to also have had an influence on what it is I end up saying in these 'found' story collages. It seems that it's not just their form that's a little bit stripped down and naked ... but the content tends to be too: the snippets themselves influence what it is I end up saying.

Being formed from such simple black and white ingredients all the life and colour these pieces need has to come from the found words themselves.

They each bring with them their own set of emotions and meanings and then, when I combine them  with words from other sources, the finished pieces are suddenly something new. Something even I didn't see coming.

And what they've become is an on-going series of  'Snipped Tales' as I like to call them ...

[For the record, yes, I do know that that name could be taken the wrong way. But you should know by now that you're never more than a juvenile grin away from an underlying double entendre when you're in my company.]

So, let me share one of these 'Snipped Tales' with you now; one I sent to a friend at Christmas.

Other than wanting it to feature friendship in general, I didn't set out with anything in particular in mind. Instead I just pored over lots of pages until I found what it was I wanted to say ... or, more likely, until it found me.

And here it is:
And while yes, what I'm doing could be considered as up-cycling old books ... there's just something slightly more romantic about the whole process for me. Something rather mysterious. Alchemical.

Somehow in re-purposing all those old words, phrases and snippets that have found themselves loosed from the pages of timeworn books ...

... I find myself freed to find something new to say.

Thanks for listening to my 'Paper Love'-story today ...

I hope to follow up this 'Snipped Tales' debut with more in the future. Like I say ... they're something I've been working on in private for quite a while ... so it's surely time I opened up the pages to share a few more ...

Julie x

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  1. I so love doing this blog hop. So nice to read about every once love for paper. Thank you for sharing yours.

    I loved your post and blog. Ill come back for more later on.

    /Camilla Olsson - also in the blog hop

  2. The dog wa sitting next to me as I read this and was horrified to see the words 'snipped tales' - I've assured her that it has nothing to do with any part of her anatomy and she's happier now. Although she may give you her suspicious stare if you ever come visiting. And sit on her tail to avoid any accidental snipping.
    Apart from that, a great post and I love how you've set those words free to start a new story of their own.

  3. I love your 'snipped tales' Julie. Not only do they look good but I know what you mean about words having essence and power. I love your new look and can't wait to see more!
    Love that you were on the PaperLove bloghop. I'm seriously thinking of signing up for the course, I have wanted to work with Rachel Hazell for so long.

  4. Loved your story! I used to cut magazines up for hours and hours as a kid and then would pair them with pictures to form old-fashioned scrapbooks... so fun. I love your "snipped tale" -- the message seems very organic... and fun! :)

  5. These are very wonderful and speak to a part of me that cannot possibly bear to throw away any printed item with any old words on. For any old words can be rearranged into beautiful clever pages and poems and these are just right. A fabulous debut and a huge round of applause from me.

  6. Lovely stuff! I'm joining in too ( really enjoying all the papery goodness. x

  7. Love your snippets. Thanks for blog hopping and sharing your stories.

  8. How very inspiring Julie !! Love the snipped sayings !

  9. fantastical creation - I love how you describe it as part sought and part 'made itself known'.

  10. Happy sigh . . . I still love it so.

    Today, I am especially stirred by the perfection of my unalarmingness. (Any variation on 'perfect' always the most welcome of descriptions. Ha!)

    Love reading about the process too, and very excited for the possibilities.


  11. It was such a thrill to be a part of this blog hop. I loved sharing my love of paper and the craft of decoupage with everyone. and even more excited to read about everyone else’s. #paperlove #bloghop In the blog hop –

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog on this fun blog hop. I love your post, I also enjoy finding words to cut out of books and magazines and making something new with them, and your right its usually the words finding you. :)

  13. Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love your work :) Very inspiring! Can't wait to visit back. So nice to e-meet you! --Doreen

  14. I like the pared down look!

  15. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Your word collages remind me of Austin Kleon's work except that he uses whole pages and blocks out everything except the words he wants. He's the chap who wrote that iconic post 'how to steal like an artist'...

  16. ...thank you for joining the hop and sharing your love of paper. We are in good company, never far from a quirky smile that hints at some unsaid meaning ;)

    I like your snipped tales pieces - like fridge magnet poetry - always such fun. I remember hearing that this 'method' is/was used by David Bowie to create his song lyrics, so you are in excellent company!

    Hopping along now...

    // quick jump to my post for the hop here --

  17. Interesting. Wonder if it could work as good in Spanish.

  18. Love your "Snipped Tales" and sense of humor. So nice meeting you on the hop!

  19. Well, I am - of course - just going to love this clean style :). Especially combined with what feels almost like found poetry - just perfect!

  20. very cool project! it does seem sort of magical, alchemy when the different snippets come together!


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