Monday 14 April 2014

Overheard: Well, at least it broke the day up a bit

Hi hi hi.

As I haven't been working on the university campus very much at all this last academic year I'm going to dip into my back-catalogue of unshared Overheards for a case of 'here's one I heard earlier' ...

Date: 09 December 2013
Location: Communal computer area

Two female students were talking about times they'd had bad hangovers.

[Honestly. I know it's a stereotype ... but that is what they were discussing!]

Then one turned to the other and confessed this beauty  ... [from what I gleaned Gary was her tutor].

"I once threw up in Gary’s office.

In a bin.

He said to me:  

Don’t worry about it. My day was really boring anyway'".

Graffiti in a doorway in Lincoln
Charming no?

Apologies if that leaves you with any lasting imagery. So allow me to make up for it by leaving you with a special wish for the shiny new week ahead ...

... may your days never get so dull that you treat someone vomiting in your bin as a welcome interruption!

Have a good one.

Julie :-)


  1. Yuk!
    Last day of term I overheard a couple of 6th form girls who were signing out for lunch. One said to the other 'did you know it was Mr Mann's birthday today? He's already lived half his life. How depressing is that?' Not half as depressed as I felt when I realised that Mr Mann is 10 years younger than me! I must be ancient to your average 6th former!

  2. I can't imagine *that* ever being a welcome interruption in any kind of day!

  3. No not too fond of the stuff myself - wouldn't say my days ever get that boring!

  4. Happy to be bored, thank-you! (I guess he probably didn't have to clean it up himself). Hoping your week is full of nicer things :).

  5. Niiiiiiiiiice!

    And the accompanying graffiti is just perfect :D

  6. Thanks for sharing :)

    The big student trauma round here first term was someone throwing up on his new blue suede shoes. He did try to clean them, which was brave

  7. Once again you have made me smile Julie - I am so glad I found your blog! I do think I would rather be bored though! Having worked in a school though - I can just imagine those 6th formers - my guess is they will be tha same the world over - well in the UK anyway!! J xx

  8. Had to chuckle at that one Julie !!


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