Monday 14 July 2014

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt 2014: Birds on a wire

Hi again.

After a week away from anything resembling work [well, apart from visiting a few craft shops and adding to my vintage map hoard which I'll package up to sell ... but I'm not sure they count as 'work'] I've now returned to my desk, to the online world and to my own cutlery drawer.

[I knew I was home and that life was now back to normal when I had to fetch my own knife and fork from the drawer; for the previous week they've been magically appearing on a table in front of me alongside a napkin!]

And now I'm back I thought I'd share another of the items I've managed to cross off my Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt list [the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt is hosted by Rinda].

Sometimes, with the categories on the hunt checklist, they might look perfectly easy enough, unquestionably 'snappable' ... and yet when you're out there, eagerly scanning the scene with your lens, they remain strangely elusive. Such was the case with ...

No.3: Birds on a wire
I knew exactly the photo I had in mind. The classic set up of birds on high overhead cables with a bright summery blue sky behind ... but could I heck find it! So ... while I was on the hunt I thought I'd better capture some 'also ran's just in case I couldn't land on the shot I wanted. And here they are ...

Back in the first week following the release of the hunt list I spotted these 3 birds on a wire feeder in my parents' garden:
They're definitely birds, and they were on wire ... but I wasn't quite satisfied; so I kept looking.

Then there was this which was not so much a 'bird on a wire' but a 'bird of wire':
A wire pheasant in the outside space of Saltbox gallery in Helmsley a few weeks ago.

And then I spotted these kite type 'things' [not at all sure what they're called/meant to be!!] flapping about on wires above a stand at the air show while I was away; at least two of which were bird-shaped ...
But yet ... I continued my search.

Then, in desperation, I resorted to the Hook-a-Duck stall at the air show's fair ...
But - and this may be a bit deeply philosophical but still - do their hooks count as wires? I just didn't know ...
Then, finally ... on our way out of the grounds of the air show James declared 'There's your birds' ... and, following a mad scramble for my camera, I grabbed this shot as we drove by:
And while it may be imperfect and blurry ... it is the shot I'd been looking for.

So I think I can safely cross 'Birds on a wire' off the list now!

Julie :-)

p.s: I've reopened my Etsy shop now that I'm back home to package-up and post out orders. See if there's anything that grabs your fancy.


  1. I enjoyed reading about your lengthy progress towards the perfect birds on a wire shot! :) I didn't have as much trouble for that one.

  2. You and Amy (Over at Our Place) have both done terrific lateral thinking on these! I love them!
    I had no idea how hard it was to photograph birds on a wire before the Hunt. It is difficult to capture that archetypal shot, isn't it?

  3. I love how your brain works, I would never have thought of birds on a wire feeder (that I can get but won't). I do think this and the juggler will be the hardest for me as we don't have overhead lines in our city or the town I grew up in.

  4. such fab ideas now my imagination is going yay cos I was a littled stumped by the lack of birds on wires round here,
    Jo xxx

  5. Another one that can do 30mph photography. My birds on wire were pigeons too!

  6. I love the bird of wire! Birds on wires are becoming a problem for me as well.

  7. Inspired birds on a wire shots! Love them all x

  8. Brilliant inspiration - you have really had your lateral thinking cap on. My favourite is the wire bird - how clever!


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