Friday 12 September 2014

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt 2014: A garden, a photobomb and an obliging relative

Hello, hello.

I can feel the seasons shifting; Summer's clinging on in there ... but Autumn's gradually prising her away one finger at a time. 

I've worn boots several times already, next week I have a meeting about the new term on campus and I'm hosting a pre-Christmas sale on my Facebook page and there's a mist outside as I speak ... we just need some 'mellow fruitfulness' ... and we've arrived.

All of which has spurred me on to complete the 2014 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt [hosted by Rinda] and I'm almost there ...

Here are 3 of the remaining 4 I need to cross off my list:

No.19: A Public Garden
I had intended to visit a grand stately home garden, maybe Newby Hall again, but it never quite happened. And so, while James and I were in Redcar last weekend - doing all the things you might expect tourists to do, rather than people who've been visiting that seaside town all their lives - after having a lunch of fish+chips and ice-cream by the sea, we strolled along the prom, prom, prom to the garden by the boating lake:
The mosaic in the foreground is a memorial to the late Mo Mowlam who was our local MP for many years.

Also in Redcar I unknowingly captured ...

No.10: A Photo Bomb
Earlier in the summer I had a 2-for-1 photo, where I captured the 'rack of postcards' along with a shop assistant who was looking right down my lens, which I counted as my photobomb.  But as I was looking at this photo I taken of a Frankenstein's Monster dangling from the side of the cinema-on-the-pier  [Naturally. What else would you expect to find at the seaside...?] ...
... I noticed that ^^^ there, in the bottom corner, a man on a mobility scooter had gracefully glided into my shot. So I'm considering this my 'official' photo bomb now.

And finally for today ... when I first saw the list I knew that, if all else failed me, I'd be able to grab this one at some point ...

No.8: A tattoo on a person:
This lovely example belongs to my brother-in-law who, in turn, belongs to my sister who negotiated this shot for me! On this particular day she had made sure he was wearing a short sleeved top so that I would have easy access to the photo I needed.  Because it's one thing to ask someone to share a part of their body with you ... and your blog readers ...

... but it's quite another to ask them to strip off in your parents' living room after Sunday lunch in order to reveal that said body part!


So that's my scavenger hunting almost over ... there's just one elusive item remaining: a sunrise. And I've got a few contingency plans in place in the likely event that I don't manage to capture a glorious, early, start to the day between now and the 23rd.

Next week might be a bit quiet here as I'll be working on my pop-up market stall on my Facebook page ... so do come and see me there if you fancy it.

Julie :-)


  1. fabulous garden (and woman being commemorated) and love the photobomb

  2. You're so good being almost done with the hunt! You just reminded me and remotivated me to try and finish this weekend... Unfortunately, I can't use any relative for #8! :)

  3. That is one amazing tattoo! Well done on being almost finished the hunt :).

  4. You have done well, I like the photo bomb, I got my sunrise this morning as it was at a reasonable time.


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