Monday, 25 May 2015

Joining in, again, with the 'Movies in May' photo challenge

Hi hi.

As the month's nearly over [which reminds me ... are you joining in with your Month in Numbers this time round?] I thought I'd drop in with some more photographs that fit with the 'Movies in May' photo challenge set by Get It Scrapped.  Call it a sequel if you will ...

You can catch my earlier post here which contains half the photos from the challenge prompt:
... now let's move on to the main attraction [popcorn and bucket-sized fizzy drink optional] ... the other half of the film titles I've managed to find over the course of the month.

'Bringing Down the House'
Let's just say that when I took this photo - of my General Election polling card - I had hoped that the election result would indeed fit with the 'Bringing Down the House' title ... but, alas, it didn't quite turn out like that.
'Fried Green Tomatoes'
As he does every year Dad grew some extra tomato plants to donate to our tiny 6x4' greenhouse. I took this photo one morning after opening the greenhouse door so that they wouldn't actually end up as fried green tomatoes!
Honestly Dad ... they're planted up properly now and we are looking after them! And while we're in the garden ...
As Good As It Gets'
The clematis on the back fence is absolutely at its peak during May:
How about we nip back inside now? Follow me up the stairs ...
'28 Weeks Later'
Actually ... it's longer than that. Possibly over a year in fact. but still ... you get the idea ... It's been a long time since I first started redecorating my workroom and planning to have a new desk made. [Another job for Dad. He doesn't just grow tomatoes.] But I couldn't decide what to have and ... I waffled about ... but now finally, this month, it's here!!
So much better!
And while we're upstairs ... let me show you my current bedtime reading matter ...
'The Never Ending Story'
I've had this on my shelf since 2004 when it came out .. when I only read the first 100 pages.
This month I picked it back up again in the hope I could get more of it read before the BBC adaptation started. We're two episodes in [which I enjoyed greatly!] but at a whopping 1006 pages I'm not likely to get it all read before the next one. So I'm just trying to keep up!
'The Usual Suspects'
Attendance at the monthly crafty group I attend, The Middlesbrough Crop, fluctuates month to month. Sometimes we're packed-out, but this time round it was just the hard core regulars!
'Funny Face'
Me, in a just-killing-time-while-dyeing-my-hair demonic selfie:
I thought it might make James smile if ever he came across the photo. And, knowing what makes him laugh has probably contributed to the subject of next photo ...

We took this on our anniversary this month [no, don't vomit ... I'll be brief ...]:
It took dozens of arms-length-snaps to get one I'd be happy sharing. And when I look at this shot I definitely think how nice it is to still be happy together after all these years ... but I also think ...

...  how well that hair dye covered my greying roots ... and how clear the photo is despite it being taken indoors in the late evening. So really it was a win all round: Go romance! Go Vidal Sassoon Darkest Intense Violet; Go Fujifilm!

Right then ... I'll better stop it there:
  • for a start, that's all the movie title photos I've found this month ... and as it was just a challenge for May - it's all I'm going to find too.  17 out of 40 wasn't too bad! And next month sees the start of Rinda's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt so the photo-hunting will continue!  
  • and at this rate I'm going to have nothing new to share in my Month in Numbers post!
See you soon.
Julie x


  1. You have a brilliant way of finding things, your posts always make me laugh! Can't wait for Rindas Scavenger Hunt to start again, wonder if there'll be zebras in it this year ;-)

    1. I'm looking forward to the hunt too ... it marks out 'Summer' nicely!

  2. Love your responses to the challenge! So clever! Please don't even mention grey did I get so many and all of a sudden? Has my body decided to go in to delayed, but fast-motion, shock? "Come on, body, I kind of need you to be OK, OK?" I shout.....Happy Anniversary xxx

    1. If it just went all silver over night I might forgive it ... it's the patchy-ness of it that sends me running to the dye again and again!

  3. That's a great and very imaginative clutch :). I do like your desk - an L shape looks perfect. And I am very admiring of that curved inner edge - did your Dad do that?

    1. He certainly did Alexa. Always useful to have a retired joiner on hand!

  4. Your list is filling out nicely Julie. Loving the hair dying, I did mine yesterday and no way would I be brave enough to take piccies. There's usually red dye everywhere. I read Jonathan Strange and Mr Noreel when It first came out and it was brilliant. So far loving the series which has alot more humour than the book
    Jo xxx

    1. I know ... it's scary when you wash out a bright colour like that isn't it?! I'm loving the series to - they've definitely paid close attention to the book.

  5. Love all your pics but especially your anniversary one! : ) Happy Belated Anniversary, Julie and James!


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