Sunday, 28 June 2009

A 'Jersey Girl' forever

You know how much I love jersey/T-shirt fabric don't you? If you don't, then my 'Jersey Girl' layout may give you an idea of the level of my interest - basically a large proportion of my wardrobe consists of jersey material. Be it t-shirts [of every colour and sleeve length], vests, leggings, skirts, dresses or cardigans .... I'm never more than a few inches away from something jersey-based.

When i first saw the '
Necklush' [a jersey scarf / necklace type wonderment] on I fell head over heels in love. But, considering the price of them, and the poor £/$ exchange rate I'll either have to go without ...or wait until Christmas for one. Until then I'm going to make do with the slashed jersey scarf I found a few weeks ago in Primark ....for £2.93!!!! OK, so it sheds black 'bits' everywhere ... but it's fabulous ...and cheap - one of the best combinations there is!

Then a friend [who knows my proclivity for the glory of jersey] sent me a link to a tutorial to make something very similar to the 'Necklush'. So, out I went, pennies in hand, to buy a new t-shirt to cut up and create with. I spent many, many, many a minute loitering around the t-shirt section of Primark [again], loaded up with shopping bags and hangers and embroiled in a tug-of-war with another hanger which was tangled around the thousands of vest straps on the rail. It must have appeared like I was losing the battle because a kindly shop assistant [her own hands full] asked if I needed any help!!!

Eventually I bought a few vests and t-shirts, including the yellow/blue/green/purple flower patterned one below:

I know, more yellow ...those of you who've read my other blog The Copy and Paste Project lately will know all about my fondness for the sunshiney shade.

Following the instructions on the tutorial I cut the vest into inch-wide strips, width ways. That was quite brave really wasn't it? To play fast and loose with a rotary cutter across something made from the fabric I love so much ...but we suffer for our art don't we? ;)

Then, only after disecting it into 12 strips, did I realise that I hadn't really read the instructions properly [don't tell my Dad / James ...I usually chastise them for doing that!]. I hadn't noticed that to create the soft, rolled effect I liked I should have used a seamless t-shirt. Also the method used would have hidden the pattern so I had to improvise. and created this instead:

Improvised or not .... I love it! I'm actually wearing it right now and have done so ever since I made it on Friday afternoon, only removing it to shower and sleep! I can just imagine a craft stall or shop filled with these in every colour and pattern, decorated with buttons, beads, ribbons and jersey flowers ... well either a stall ...or my bedroom. The possibilities are endless. Really ....

We bought a new duvet cover yesterday and, as the space in which we store our bed-linen is so small, James asked "Which one are we going to get rid of to make room for this?".

My first thought?

The cream jersey one.

Imagine how many necklaces I could make from that .....



  1. I don't even like yellow, but I've got to admit that that's definitely a winner. Suits you modom.

  2. Just dropped by to let you know that I finished my first one, at some point on the 30th I take a pic. H-happies. Joyce

  3. How fabulous is that! x alexa

  4. Think yours looks just as nice if not nicer :) Amanda


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