Monday, 1 June 2009

3 out of 5 aint [that] bad.

I'm two short ...

... and no, I don't mean 'I'm too short', you can keep your comments about my petite stature to yourself. I mean that I failed in my self-imposed challenge to create five layouts [from the challenges set by
Doris Sander in the Product Pizazz 102 class], by the end of last week.

I'm being very brave in admitting this to you as I don't like to fail at things ever. Plus I never miss deadlines. Or hardly ever.

During the three years I attended university I only once had to ask to have an assignment deadline extended. I'd done the work, it was just that I couldn't make it into town to hand in an Early Modern Verse and Drama essay due to suffering from an extreme allergic reaction to tea-tree oil! Let's just say the situation arose from my overly thorough care of a new body piercing which resulted in my entire body breaking out in the most incredible purple patterns. If you'd seen me, I swear that you'd be forgiven for thinking I'd been spirographed!! If only I'd thought to take a photo back then ...imagine the layout it would've made!

Anyway..... I digress ... my excuse for not completing the challenge of 5 layouts does not, this time, revolve around requiring regular doses of anti-histamine tablets nor several nighttime visits from a GP. Rather, several other crafty projects arrived and begun tugging at my sleeve, demanding my immediate attention.

But here's the 3 that I did manage finish.

Challenge 1 [in brief] was: to use patterned paper from at least three different manufacturers; use a couple of eyelets; give thought to theme and mood and dress-up chipboard.

[Ribbons, paterned paper and alpha-stickers from the 'Juicy Fruit' Quirky kit.]

Challenge 3: [below] see how many colors you can work into a layout, bonus points if you use purple; add some ribbon and attach with staples or stitches; use at least three journaling spots; add a few polka dots.

Challenge 4 [below]: use the rule of thirds to guide you in the placement or your photos or patterned paper or both;
use that specialty paper; add a scalloped edge and add a tiny bit of yellow.

As you may have noticed I didn't tackle the challenges in chronological order and you should also know that Doris's instructions are slightly more broad and subtle than the brief description I've given here. She provides more leeway than I've allowed myself here, but, I wanted to follow the instructions to the letter. Sometimes I find that working within a tight structure can be quite freeing. [Not that I'll be making a new habit out of doing exactly as I'm told anytime soon!!! :D].

If you feel like judging my efforts based upon my achievements in presentation, the ability to follow a brief and artistic expression ... then you're very welcome to leave me your marks out of 10, plus any various medals or small cakes as rewards, if you so wish. ;)

Julie :)


  1. Love what you have created!!!
    Can't wait to see what 'distracted' you from 5/5!.
    I'd bake you a cake but I have a sick child distraction and combine that with keeping 3 healthy ones happy... well it's time consuming lol

  2. At last! A non-freaky, don't-have-it-in-common, totally opposite point of difference. You, allergic to tea-tree oil; me, using it neat to treat every ailment under the sun, from mouth ulcers to kitchen-knife clumbot incidents, with a little bit of boyfriend repelling thrown in for good measure (he hates the smell).

    Now, will you take an A+ and a picture of my next cake-baking effort? (Bearing in mind that pictures can't give you food poisoning, it's probably not a bad offer.)


  3. I'd love to make you a cake if only it weren't too darn hot for baking! Alternatively, I could offer you a medal (plastic) but I'm afraid it has 'World's Best Dad' on the front, so won't really do!
    Love your LOs :)

  4. Plastic medals and photos of cakes? I'm a lucky girl!! Thanks ladies.

  5. Well done you! I'm sure the other two will come at some point :)
    Kerris said she would draw you a big medal with a cake on it, but then she became distracted by Peppa Pig and decided that she will make one "maybe tomorrow or another day"

  6. oops, run out of cakes...I think the cat got it.That Mr pointy hat chap really made me laugh.


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