Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Online Class, the Kit and the Ironing board.

No, not a new title in the Chronicles of Narnia series, but rather a description of the situation I find myself in in my craft room. It's quite a small room which could certainly do with a secret door through which I could stray and find extra storage space for my scrapping stash in the world on the other side!

At the moment, alongside the usual covered desk space and hidden portions of the floor ... my crafting projects have now spilled over onto the ironing board! On Saturday I received my DT Quirky Kit from Crafty Templates and it's demanding that I make room for it and that I start working with it right away!
I've planned to make a mini-book with some of it and the rest I'm trying to use in a spur of the moment scrapping challenge I set for myself this week.

I'm currently taking Doris Sander's 'Product Pizazz 102' online class over on Get It Scrapped and have I decided that I ought to be a well behaved pupil and rise to the challenges Doris includes at the end of each class, setting myself an additional goal of completing all 5 by the end of this week [when I'll have the next installment of the class.] I blame those years of Learning Mentor training and it's obsession with S.M.A.R.T targets!.

So, if my maths is correct, I have approximately 55 hours left to make 5 layouts and to get myself organised I've bedecked the ironing board with 5 piles of individually themed stash and photos, one for each of the challenges. I'm great at organising and planning ... now I just need to sit still long enough to get them all completed.

One of the layouts I have planned is about my bike. The bike I fell off.

This incident led to several weeks of one-armed-scrapping which I've been discussing this week with Anne who's found herself in a similar sling-bound situation. I promised her a photo of the conundrum I found myself in last year where my injury and my couture didn't quite work together. So, here it is Anne - I hope you're on the mend very soon:

Apart from the odd twinge every so often my arm is pretty much fully healed. Just as well really, seeing as how I've got a Quirky Kit mini-book and 5 layouts to complete by Friday ... I'm going to need the use of at least 2 hands!


  1. For a nasty second there (seeing the post title and the sling photo) I thought you'd had a nasty accident with an ironing board!!
    I'm sure you're up the the challenge of creating 5 LOs by Friday. Kit looks fab :)

  2. Thanks Julie! The silk scarf looks great - I think I need to have a rummage in the wardrobe and see what I can come up with - I'm hating having a sling at all though, I'm not a good patient!

    And I know what you mean about having so much to quirk into a fixed amount of time. I promised myself that I would do so much in half term... and yet here is Thursday already! Frightening.

  3. I'm sure you'll get those LO's done Julie
    Beautiful scarf BTW.


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