Monday, 11 May 2009

Another day, another crafty project

I've just posted my first Stamping School project on the Banana Frog blog - it's about stamping on T-shirts and is called Banana Frog Pour Homme. You'll see why if you have a peek here.

In response to a desperate ink-based plea from
Sarah who left a comment on my project ... I used Versamark/Fabric inks and I bought them from the
Blade Rubber Stamps online shop . At the last count they sold 21 different colours! 21 coloured fabric inks and a mound of blank Ts to experiment with. Sounds like you've got a fun week ahead of you Sarah!

I'll be back to bother everyone on the Banana Frog blog again this week as my Project of the Day will be up there on Thursday 14th and it too has a somewhat masculine feel to it.

OK, that's me for now, I'm off for a good old think. Lots to think about today including: self-promotion; Alice in Wonderland; recycling and how to obtain a credit card. Not all together. But not far off.


Julie :)

p.s: When you hear the term 'Stamping School' do you think of a reality TV show, like The Apprentice, based around a group of mad crafters [like us] who are striving to be crowned the stamping champion? Because I do.


  1. I like to think about Alice in Wonderland too ... it's one of my favourite favourites.
    Um... I'm not sure what I think about when I think about stamping school. It's a tough one! I'll have to think about it .... ;)

  2. Thanks Julie! Off to spend. Um, I mean browse. Think I'm in inking heaven.


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