Monday, 25 May 2009

Monday, Monday.

We spent Bank Holiday Monday by the coast. That ^^^^^ very coast in fact.

In a rare combination this far from the equator, both the sunshine and the seabreeze were incredibly warm ... even if the North Sea wasn't!!! Not that we all owed that to stop us paddling in it!

Post-paddling we had lunch on the deck of one of our favourite restaurants which overlooks the beautiful beach followed by icecream cornets which we had to eat swiftly, before they melted. We even managed to squeeze in a browse of the fabulous vintage / retro shop we recently discovered at the top of the hill.

Days like this make us so happy to live only 20 minutes from the coast. Days like this are not my usual Mondays.

On an average Monday I tend to do one or more of the following: if it's a working-day, then I groan slightly and wish it was still Sunday; if I'm off work, then I tend to fly through the laundry and housework like a manic Mary Poppins in order that I can spend the rest of the week focussing on more interesting tasks; either way, I often get confused and think that it's Tuesday already and I always check Emily Falconbridge's blog to see if she's posted the next question in the '52Q A Year of Mini Art Journaling' series.

Each week Emily poses a different question for her blog readers to respond to by creating their own tags or similar. My responses take the form of tiny collages made mainly from magazine clippings, rub-ons and coloured pens. You can see all 20 of my collages to date, along with the accompanying journaling / ramblings, they're all here in my 52Q Flickr set, but I thought I'd share a selection of them with you right here:

Weeks 1 & 2

52Q Weeks 1 & 2

Weeks 7 & 8

52Q Weeks 7 & 8

Weeks 13 & 14

Weeks 13 & 14
Weeks 19 & 20

Weeks 19 & 20

If you'd like to see other people's take on this project here's Emily Falconbridge's 52Q Flickr group , into which anyone playing along with can upload their work.

As it was a Bank Holiday Monday yesterday, I'm all to pot with which day's which, [today's Tuesday ....right?] and I've just remembered to check for the latest 52Q question which is:

Q21 - if you had a free day with NO restrictions...what would you choose to do? My response? Easy! Just scroll back up to the top of this post ..... what could be better?

Hope the sun's shining on you today - at least in spirit if not in actual rays!

Julie :)

p.s: if you get a chance, check out the latest challenge here on my other blog. Thank yooooo.

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  1. Love your 52Q tags Julie! I envy you living so close to the coast - would'e loved to have been able to wiggle my toes in the sea yesterday :)


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