Friday, 9 October 2009

In a fashion.

One of my lovely cyber-people Clair, from Obstinate Pursuit, has teamed up with Kathrine from Paper Pocket to get us all involved in a little bit of trend spotting with their ‘Fashion Forward’ meme. For more on what the ladies are up to check out the first Fashion Forward post here.

Happily their bright idea provides me with an excuse to share some of the lovelies which caught my eye in the latest issue of Elle magazine.

Often during the summer my penchant for deep, bright, loud, clashing colours takes a back seat to a more relaxed white T-shirt, jeans and plimsolls look. But, with onset of darker wintry days, in something of a battle with the season, my colour-loving side begins to peak through again.

Which is why this page fair stole my heart at first sight:The fact that they are drawing together all those rich shades of pink under the umbrella of 'Magenta' is almost enough to make me love it as I clearly remember magenta being one of my favourite Crayola colours as a child!

I particularly like how Elle mixed the rosy richness of the magenta with the softness of peach and the neutral of grey [of which I must have at least a million jumpers and cardigans. At least.] So, in honour of this .... here's what I picked out to wear today: Whenever I wear heels for a day at home it usually means I need a bit of a lift [literally] to help me tackle a long 'To Do' list and today is no exception. [I probably could be getting more done if I hadn't stopped to write up this post though ....].

Apart from grey, I really like to combine muddy, muted greens with warmer pinks and reds so this page is calling my name too: Calling my name the loudest is the green silk Whistle's jacket in the centre. I hear you lovely little jacket ...I hear you.

As the whole 'Fashion Forward' idea is to predict trends, I'm excited to report that Leo, from Crafty Templates, seems to be loving the same shades too if this sneak peek at 'Resolutions' the next Quirky Kit is anything to go by:

Resolutions Quirky Kit Sneak Peek

Regarding the kit, Leo says "I've been getting inspiration from fashion for this kit which at the moment is a little bit modern retro - 50's pattern with 80's colours. The colours are mauve, chocolate, teal, lime, peach (only a little bit but trust me it works) and grey. It's going to have canvas too so start collecting your paints together Hoping to get it all done for early November, might even be a bit earlier than that." I can't wait!!

Now, once that kit lands on my doorstep wouldn't it be nice to have a photo of myself in a new green coat and magenta cords to scrap?

Yes. I think so.


  1. Spotted yesterday afternoon - woman wearing magenta tights with mustard-yellow t-bar shoes, not a million miles away from your (amazing) pair above. I saw her, did an obligatory double-take, swooned and then thought 'Julie would love that'. Seriously!

    No point asking me what else she was wearing, though. Is it wrong that I so often only notice people from the knee down?


  2. Gorgeous shoes Julie. I'm also a fan of grey and that sleeveless jacket is very me. Any hints where it is from? :D New quirky kit looks great.

  3. Hi Amanda - just had a look in the magazine for you - the grey jacket is £95 from Kenneth Cole at House of Fraser. If you get one we *will* need to see a photo you know??!! :)

  4. Those pink shoes are fab-u-lous!!! I love peaches, magenta and grey mixes too.

    Such a great post. Thanks for joining in!


  5. You're a bit of a star, aren't you? Thanks so much for the mention in dispatches and for posting a veritable feast of loveliness - yourself included. love your shoes - just right with a pair of purple tights I think x

    PS You have all weekend to 'shop' for Monday !

  6. Super cute shoes!
    Do you know if that kit is on their site yet? I think I may have to pick one up!


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