Friday, 30 October 2009

This, that ...and the other.

Before the '12 Days' workshops begin we've been getting to know each other over on the '12 Days' secure blog. I created this little quiz for everyone and thought I'd share my answers with you over here too.

As I told everyone over there .... when answering this type of quiz you're meant to give your first, instictive responses to each of the following options. I'm going to try really hard not to justify any of my answear or explain myself ... here goes [I've underlined my choices]:

This OR That?

fabric OR paper

ink OR paint

grungy OR clean

cut with scissors OR tear with bare hands

measure OR just guess

careful OR haphazard

hoarder OR minimalist

Christmas OR Summer holidays

music OR talk radio

drive OR walk

gym OR beach

cook a meal OR buy take-away

fruit OR cake

ironing OR crafting

ironing OR vacuuming

my friends OR my own company

talk OR listen

you OR them

always OR never

half-full OR half-empty

yes OR no

If you want to play along ....then do. Just remember to send me a link to your answers or leave them in a comment for me.

Oh ... and there's one last option .... trick OR treat?

But that's a question for another day .... tomorrow to be exact.
Meet you back here then? Saturday? Halloween? About 11 ish? Who knows, there may be something special going on ....


  1. Just found your blog today - in love! :)

    Anyways...did the 'this or that' today on my 'tagged' post!

  2. i shouldn't be at all surprised by the fact our answers are almost identical, should i?

    if only you lived nearer, i could do your ironing and you could come round and vac for me!


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