Thursday, 4 March 2010

Overheard: An inconvenient truth

One thing I've learned in my job, where I've attended countless lectures on topics which are far from my own specialty, is that any subject can be brought to life when it's delivered by a passionate, confident lecturer. If not .... well, if not, I can end up sympathising with these words heard upon leaving the lecture theatre after an especially tedious lecture on computer languages:

Male student - to anyone listening: I could have sat on the toilet for an hour and it wouldn’t have felt as long.

Photo: Taken by James. Storage yard. 09.11.09.


Sarah said...

That is possibly the best comparison I've ever heard. Fantastic. It is now stored away for possible future use. Though I may have to "lady it up" a bit.

Ruth said...

Brilliant ~ great to start the day with a laugh!

Clair said...

I remember those kind of 'bum numbing' lectures so well :)