Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Purple Phase: using purple with yellow, navy + silver

Hello, hello.

Back in September, when I stated the Purple Phase, I decided to run it right throughout Autumn so I didn't feel rushed. And when I decided upon November 30th as my end-date it felt like an age away ... and now it's here!!

So here's the final purple palette:
In honour of the final post of the series ... and to show the passage of time ... today's outfit post is brought to you by a rather colder, more bedraggled looking garden than in the rest of the series ... and a colder, more bedraggled looking me!
 During the rest of the series I aimed to convince more poeple to wear purple by creating some quite easy-going, laid back, casual, totally wearable palettes and combinations.

Not once did I suggest you wear bright purple tights with silver shoes and a sunshine yellow cardigan ... until now:
 For me, yellow and purple just works.

In fact, I like it so much that I don't really care:
  • that it was the colour of the uniform in the last school I worked in ... 
  • or even that I once wore a yellow + purple outfit on a weekend away in a Premier Inn hotel which, as you might know, has those exact shades as their corporate colours! I matched their decor rather too well. So well in fact that if I'd stood very still in the foyer... you wouldn't have been able to pick me out  .... [I blogged all about it at the time here].
And as for the silver shoes ...
 I could argue that, as I wear a lot of silver jewellery, like the necklace I'm wearing here for example:
  ... then the silver shoes work to balance out the effect somehow, as there's silver scattered across the whole outfit. But ... .really ... do I need to make an argument for silver shoes?

They're silver shoes for goodness sake!

Silver. Shoes.

And they're comfy. And were in the sale.

Enough said?

The skirt and vest are my most recent purchases and - if you remember this colour palette from a few weeks ago, the mix of purple and yellow with blue will seem familiar. Maybe, just maybe, the navy calms those tight down a touch .. maybe!

This series has been a lot of fun and, despite it never being intended as having as many outfit posts as it turned out, it's made me realise I want to blog more outfit posts next year. So watch this space.

Maybe purple will manage to creep its way into some of those 2012 posts too ... but it won't be my focus. [If you'd like a say in what exactly the focus should be ... keep your ideas coming].

But, for now at least, here's where the purple colour-story ends.
 Cardigan: H&M ¦¦ Skirt: Gap ¦¦ Vest: Gap ¦¦ Shoes: Kenneth Cole ¦¦ Tights: Primark, I think.

OK then, as this is the end of the series, then I ought to say 'Thank you':
  • for reading the series;
  • for being a guest blogger;
  • for leaving encouraging comments;
  • for blogging your own purple projects and preferences;
  • for following the Pinterest board and re-pinning things which caught your eye there;
  • for reconsidering your discriminatory views about a specific section of the colour spectrum ... and for giving purple a second chance! ;-)
So what's next?

Well, I've got a few ideas already about blog features and series I'm going to tackle in 2012. And I'm 95% sure I've chosen the theme of the next series with the same structure as this one. But in the meantime ...

I'll be back tomorrow with my November in Numbers.

Julie :-)


  1. I actually love this outfit. Purple tights used to be my trademark outfit for work and I often got comments and the impression *some* people thought they were too out there for work, but hey ho. I am really bad at clashing and would never have put mustard with purple but you pull it off really well and it looks great.
    I have really enjoyed this series - so thanks!
    Perhaps your next series could be pink?

  2. thank you too - have enjoyed your purple series. yay for silver shoes!


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