Tuesday 19 February 2013

Scrapbooking: Under a Big Big Sky

Hi, hi.

Did you enjoy the route-march from my house to the Post Office the other day? [Or at least my description of it in my February Simply A Moment post?].

Well, following on from that I thought I'd stick to the 'local' theme and share a page I made about the view from the deck of the art gallery in our nearest large town.

Just consider me your friendly tourist guide for the week and hop on board my virtual open-top bus!
Can you make out those hills in the far distance on the top photo? The blue mounds like sleeping dinosaurs?

Well, those are part of the same range I can see much closer up from my bedroom window and the ones I remember staring out at from my junior school classroom:
It's no doubt due to those hills that I've got a taste for big skies.

Our housing estate is on an incline [hence me getting breathless walking up to the Post Office!] and I only need to look out of my window to see a wide expanse of sky above the hilltops.

Similarly, when James and I were looking out across the outdoor deck of the MIMA gallery, we were only on the 2nd floor but still, it was just elevated enough to have a clear, unobstructed view of the hills and the sky above the rooftops:
It's one of the reasons I tend to loiter on the landings at work when I'm climbing the 10 floors of the tallest building on campus. I love to look out at the entire region laid out before me.
One of the other reasons I loiter on the landings is that I've been walking up 10 flights of stairs for goodness sake!

It makes me wonder if I should do more 'local' scrapbooking. More landmarks, scenes and stories.

We photograph and scrap the places we've travelled to ... but not often what's on our doorstep do we?

OK ... I'll add it to the list ....

Do you scrap about where you live?

Julie :-)

Supplies used:
Backing paper: Pink Paislee 'Portfolio' Incredible
Polaroid-style paper: Kaisercraft 'Miss Match' Treasure
Scraps of Studio Calico
Stickers: Echo Park 'Everyday Eclectic'
Washi Tape: East of India
[These are not sponsored links. Just where I bought my own supplies from!]


  1. I think seeing hills on the horizon growing up in Aberdeen had a big impact on me too.

    I scrapped a lot of local places when I knew I was going to leave NZ. A good reminder to do it here too

  2. We live in a valley so no big skies for us. Lovely page and views:) and just think how fit you are with all the stairs.

  3. I think that I probably take where I live for granted so no, I don't scrap about it, but maybe I should. It's such a historical town with really pretty scenery once you venture 5 minutes down the road. Maybe it is time I did share it!

  4. A couple of weeks ago I took my daughter and a friend to the Japanese Gardens here for an animé exhibition. I commented that I wouldn´t have doubted for a second buying a souvenir magnet for my collection if we had been in another city but it felt odd buying something from so close to home.

  5. I did a class a couple of years ago with Shimelle. It was called "Here, There and Everywhere" and part of it concentrated on where we live. It made me look at the familiar buildings with a fresh eye. Since then the council have seen fit to dig most of the streets up and knock down a lot of stuff. Seems like I will need to take another look

  6. This is a lovely page with plenty of space just like your sky views! I am very happy to be taken on a guided tour - sign me up :). I am sure that we ought to be scrapbooking our locality if only because it will be so interesting to look back on in years to come. Call it social history if you need a good reason!

  7. I like how your journaling is a big part of the page design here.

    And I'm a lover of seeing distant hills with a big sky above. I should document my glimpse of the purbecks. Which many people would not call actual hills, as they aren't very high. But I like them! x


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