Sunday 30 June 2013

My Month in Numbers 2013: June

Hi, hi.
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  • NOT FORGETTING ... Anyone who just likes to have a read through everyone else's monthly summaries - that's fine by me. You're always so well behaved, I hardly know you're there.  
  • [If, by any chance, you hate numbers and don't like the way this post is heading then ... here, let me gently usher you out ... come back next month ... ]
OK, now we're all acquainted ... let's make a start ...

100 Years = 8th June 2013 marked the centenary of the death of suffragette  Emily Wilding Davison

I've got no photograph to represent this number yet because ... if you're reading this post on the day it goes live then I'll be attending part of the Beamish open air museum 'Suffragette Celebration Weekend' ... so, expect plenty of photos of the day's events to come!

As it turns out 2013 is not just the anniversary of this particular landmark in women's history ... it also marks the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice ... which is where my next set of numbers come in ...

23, 24, 25 = the number on our tickets when my Mam, sister and I went to see costume  historian Gillian Stapleton deliver her 'Jane Austen's Wardrobe' presentation
I took photos of these beforehand thinking [correctly as it turns out] that they'd take our tickets off us when we arrived. It's almost as if not everyone's a scrapbooker and they just don't understand the importance of keeping this kind of ephemera! I really should have asked to keep it shouldn't I?

1790s - 1820s = the time period -in costume - covered in the presentation
Picture the scene: the beautiful space of the Reference Library [think 'tiny portion of Hogwarts library]; rows of wooden chairs with monograms carved into the back and with comfy cushions on the seat; a room full of 'ladies of a certain age' ... and ... an hour long presentation all about history of the kinds of costume worn by Jane Austen's heroines with readings from Austen's novels and letters.

Fashion history is one of my longest standing interests - I remember an infant school visit to a museum where I used my 'spending money' to buy a colour-in poster of fabulous Victorian / Edwardian outfits. And as much as I loved the prose in last year's BBC Hollow Crown Shakespeare adaptations ... I was just as enraptured with the leather-work of the costumes. And don't even get me started on the millinery in ITV's Miss Marple ...

But I digress! In short ... it was a perfect afternoon for me! [Thank you Jo + Mam for humouring me and coming along! xx]

Chapter 49 = the chapter of Austen's Emma I just had to go and revisit after the presentation!
I think it was that outfit [on the left in the photo above] that really gave me the urge to revisit Emma and - more specifically - to wallow in the love declarations of Mr Knightley which, for me ... are quite simply some of the most romantic words ever ...

"I cannot make speeches, Emma," he soon resumed; and in a tone of such sincere, decided, intelligible tenderness as was tolerably convincing. "If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more."

[And yes, I am swooning as I type!]

Oh and, while we're on the subject of books ...

4 = the number of books I read  [all of which are now linked-up on my Pinterest board
  • The appropriately numerical Eight White Nights by Andre Aciman
  • The Manual of Detection by Jedediah Berry [if you like Jasper Fforde - this might be for you
  • The Silver Linings Playbook novel by Matthew Quick [the film-makers kept pretty faithful to this original story - so if you liked the movie - you will probably like the novel]
  • and The Messenger of Athens by Anne Zouroudi
2 miles = the approximate distance of the new route I've been taking on my morning walks
I feel like I say this on a near daily basis but ... I don't have a smartphone which means I don't have any apps that can measure the distance I've walked or the number of steps I take. So I've had to gauge this distance using Google maps. And the silly thing [for someone who counts things every month] is that I haven't kept track of how many times I've walked the route ... so I don't know my total!

And talking of walking ...

£3 = the amount I paid for these lovely frilly pink pumps in the sales [shown here standing before wording on the floor of the MIMA gallery. And yes, I did relax and wonder about Carl Andre's work.]
For £3 I can even overlook the fact that they kind of nip at my Achilles heel a little ...

4 = the number of craft magazine projects I worked on 
And half of them  were ... brace yourself now for I'm about to drop the 'C' word ... wait for it ... they were Christmas projects!

It's the same schedule every year and yet every year if feels so very unnatural to have to 'Ho, Ho, Ho' in June!

And finally ...

23 = the number of bloggers who linked me up with their May in numbers
Seems like memory-keeping-by-numbers is getting very popular with people called 'Jo'!

And the number of names on that list that begin with a 'J' is giving even my local crop a run for its money where ... at any given time we can - confusingly- have in attendance:
  • a Jean
  • a Jackie
  • a Janet
  • a Judith
  • two Julies
  • a Julia
  • ... and one of the aforementioned 'Jo's!
OK ... so that's my facts and figures for June ... and now, whether or not your name begins with J ...

Here's how YOU can join in with us:
If you've never joined in before there's a lot more information on the Month in Numbers page - including a 'How To' guide to inspire you. [You don't need to follow any guidelines other than those I'm about to set out below ... everything else I'll leave up to your own creative  interpretation!]
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And, if you're waiting for the topic of our first big 'Communal Count' - where we'll all count something similar over the coming month and share our results at the end - then come back tomorrow ...

Thanks for coming today. See you tomorrow. Happy July to you!



  1. I am so looking forward to doing my first month in numbers but due to a minor hiccup this week it will probably be next week when they get published. Looking forward to it though

  2. I had to read out the bit about taking a photo of your tickets to my husband. He smiled in an understanding way - while inside I'm sure he still thinks we're a bunch of loons for keeping all of this ephemera. Love your numbers.

  3. Love this post especially being one of the Jo's and J's. hadn't thought about that at the crops:0)
    You also reminded me of how I used to love seeing the costumes at the V&A and collected postcards of any costume or historical dress I could find now I wonder where they are?
    Will link up later as I have some time today to catch up and schedule posts x

  4. Great post! I love the idea of doing this counting even though it does mean I get to about the 25th of the month and think 'oh no, I've not been keeping a note of what I've done!'
    Can't believe you only took a photo of those tickets and not scan them into a photocopier and print off a duplicate set for a layout ;-)
    My month is here

  5. my family are very tolerant of me photographing concert tickets etc & now if we get any tickets on line Hubby prints off 2 copies, 1 to use & 1 for me :0he's learning :D
    Great to see how many bloggers play along x
    he are mine x

  6. The costumes would have been the highlight of my month, for sure..everyone here groans at me keeping tickets but I do it all the time :)

  7. I want to go back and add the ticket numbers to my month of numbers now. Love how Jo is such a common name but not for those Coke bottles. Not a single Jo in sight
    Jo x

  8. That sounds like such an interesting presentation.
    Here are my numbers

  9. Hello from another Jo :)

  10. Your MiN never fail to make me smile :) (one of the reasons I'm such a fan obviously!) - Love your Jane Austen quote and your landscape photo! Lovely place for a walk!

    Seeing the list of May participants, I'm thinking you ought to be proud to have built this little community all of your own ;)

  11. As always fascinating numbers Julie, had to smile at the tickets..someone in the family usually asks to keep the tickets...they know me well x

  12. Fab numbers and I think I bought the same poster as you after my first visit to a costume museum. I photograph gig tickets too - I hate it when they take them from you and it's even worse if they rip them through before giving them back to you!!

    Will get to work on my June numbers - I have even kept a running list this month. Looking forward to finding out tomorrow what we will all be counting together.

  13. Oh what a delightful post! I don't know which I'd rather have access to - that costume presentation or those fab shoes you snagged.

    I'm so happy to have discovered your blog and the counting invitation. Here's my first-time play:

  14. That looks like a glorious walk - what is it like in bad weather? Look forward to hearing about the suffragette day, that is much more in my line than Jane Austin who I have never really got on with, although reading one of her books is on my 50 things to do list.
    My month is here:

  15. Hi Julie - great post, a good idea to photo the concert tickets! notes taken! I have just posted my first attempt, hopefully I will improve as the months go by.
    My blog:

  16. As a book lover librarian I was drooling at your numbers this month! *smile* at the Christmas mention, I sent a message to a fellow early spirited friend that this year´s countdown starts in only 2 months time. ;)

    Here are my home decorating and parties numbers:

    PS: it was thrilling to see my name on your list. :D

  17. I envy you your Jane Austin event - and Oh how I smiled at the tickets - I collect them too - and even have some in my post this month, which is here

  18. I envy you your Jane Austin event - and Oh how I smiled at the tickets - I collect them too - and even have some in my post this month, which is here

  19. Oh those shoes! I love them. Another great set of numbers Julie. I would enjoy the Jane Austen event. I could dream of fitting into those costumes...

  20. Ooops! for got to tell you that I blogged my 12th MiN's here

  21. I have an overwhelming urge to visit Beamish now - it must be an undefinable amount of years since I have been. Maybe that's a summer holiday day out sorted.
    As for those pumps they are super delicious barginess! Very jealous.
    Thanks for prompting the communal count this month it might prompt me to take some more pictures!

  22. With the growing band of MIN recorders I may have to resign myself to not getting around to visit everyone on your list. :(

    Because I'm a digital scrapper I have to take photos of ephemera if I want to include it in our books. Your new route looks like a lovely walk, beautiful countryside.

    Here's my MIN for this month:

    Thanks for hosting us.

  23. I'm a ticket keeper too and my family are well trained to hang onto them where possible. I love the Jane Austen era fashions and would have enjoyed the talk.
    My month is up now

  24. Here are my numbers for June -

  25. halfway through July but finally have June posted... main reason I don't like print at home tickets is because you don't have the true tickets for scrapping @@ I have asked to keep my ticket before and they usually don't look at me weird.

  26. Been a little busy for the first few weeks in July so taken a while to finally get there but at last here is my first ever month in numbers.


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