Saturday 31 August 2013

My Month in Numbers 2013: August

Hi, hi.

Don't shoot the messenger but ... that's another month gone you know? Gone. Vanished. Like sand that's sifted through the grand egg-timer of life!

What did you do with your August? What made its mark on all those hours and minutes you held on to by your fingertips during the last 31 days?

What did I do? Well ... let me tell you ...

I'll  begin with my own responses to the questions I set you in the 2nd ever Communal Count where [in case you're new here] we all counted the same thing so we could compare notes at the end of the month. The questions were:
 And my answers are ...

(a) = we had 7 visitors to our house during August. Here I was just counting the ones I allowed over the doorstep and who I know by name. So no Posties or delivery people!

2 of that 7 stayed over for 3 nights and ...

2 = how many usually live here. Me and him.

and (b) = shortly after 7am was the earliest time I got out of bed,[I forgot to look at the exact time. I know ... you think I'd know better wouldn't you?]  and that was on the day of the 199 steps ... more of which below. This isn't that unusual when I'm not working from home, but it is a little early during the summer. However ...

... if you want to talk about the earliest time I almost got out of bed, then that would be ...

4.36am = the time I very nearly got out of bed one night this month after having a nightmare and being too afraid to close my eyes to go back to sleep because ... each time I did ... I saw the horridness which had woken me in the first place! I was crying uncontrollably, shaking and trying to process available evidence that would prove I was actually awake ... and that it wasn't one of those tricks your brain plays when you're still asleep!

4.39am = the time it genuinely crossed my mind to phone my parents to check they were OK after the aforementioned nightmare.  I reasoned that, seeing as how I wasn't phoning them with bad news [which no one wants to be woken with] then they really wouldn't mind. Fortunately for all involved ... I did eventually fall back asleep without needing to phone anyone!

Now let me hop back to some numbers relating to those 2 overnight guests we had: James's oldest friend ['oldest' in that he's known him longer than anyone ... not that he's old!] and his son. The three of them all seen here together on our trip to Whitby:
I really want to use one particular number here ... but it's not mine to tell, so ... let me put it like this ...

X = the significant friendship anniversary which James and his friend celebrated [after meeting at nursery when they were both 3 years old old].

As a way to mark the occasion his friend travelled 200-odd miles to our house, then we all travelled the 30-odd miles to Whitby ... so that the pair of them could get their photo taken, in a vintage style studio, dressed as American soldiers from the 1860s:
[For the record: James's friend does actually have a face! ;-) I just didn't feel right using it here.]

Anyway, once they'd finished playing dress-up ...

....we all did one of the things you just have to do when you're a tourist in Whitby ... walking up [and down] these...
 ... the 199 steps = the path which takes you up to the church, graveyard and Abbey ruins [You know? the locations that inspired Bram Stoker?].

And, as if the Rector and Church Wardens knew that I'm a number counter who also likes funny signs ... they left this one at the top for me:
 And. as if all those steps weren't enough exercise for one month ...

12 = the number of walks I've managed to fit in. Working from home I need to make myself get 'up and out there' some days. So these were either walks for walking's sake, or trips to the Post Office with shop orders.

Now then with the next photo ... don't panic ... and do not adjust your screen ... it's not you ... it's me ...

370 km = the distance between me and the International Space Station when I took this photo:
That little white dash up there on the right [like a sprinkle from the top of a cake] that's it. My Dad uses an app that tells you exactly where to look at exactly what time to see it pass overhead. Without the use of a telescope. And when he texted to let me know what time we could 'go and wave to Howard' [fans of the Big Bang Theory will understand that one] we made a point to go into the garden, look up ... and wait. And at 21:22, right on cue, there it was! 

18 = the number of 'Fabricky Bits' packseventually compiled from all this: [and this is 100% tidier than it had been the day before when I had every last ribbon and scrap of fabric I own tipped out on to that table!!]
In order to get my dining table back  I called in for assistance in the form of slave-labour [ Mam] who admirably stepped in to help me organise my ribbons and prepare 48 pack labels for me. [I only needed 18 ... but I had printing issues!].

I haven't done that for quite some time - call a parent for help with my work - not since I was at school at least! But it was lovely to work with someone for a change!

And there's no one better to call upon for help with very little notice ... than a retired person who loves you!!

2 = books read with 2 more started. And, writing this post I've just realised a connection between the latest book I've started and another number I've recorded ... because part of the novel is set during the American Civil War ... so clearly James's costume has had a deeper influence than I knew!

And, finally, while we're on the subject of books ...

2 = the number of copies of my favourite novel I now own after I received a 2nd copy as a gift this week. A first edition. A signed one in fact. From the author himself. The result of a very wonderful-yet-entirely-unbelievable series of events this month.

I don't want to go into all the embarrassing details but ... let me tell you, you haven't felt awkward until you've, in a moment of blind paranoia, probed your favourite novelist about whether or not he's who he says he is ... and he is.

But, as the gift of the book attests ... it all turned out OK in the end!


Right then ... I'll go now to calm down from all that excitement [who am I kidding? Like I'm ever going to take that in my stride!!] ... but as for you my friend...

Here's how YOU can join in with your own Month in Numbers:
If you've never joined in before there's a lot more information on the Month in Numbers page - including a 'How To' guide to inspire you. [There are no 'rules' other than those I'm about to set out below ... everything else I'll leave up to your own interpretation!]

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So ... you just need to:
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See you tomorrow when I'll reveal what you need to be counting for September's Communal Count ... until then ... I'd love to read your comments on my August ... and I'll be round to comment on yours soon.

Julie x


  1. So pleased you resisted the urge to call your parents at 4.39am. Speaking as a parent I can assure you that the adrenaline rush of a call that time of day/night takes years off you!
    I've joined in here

    I scheduled this to post and since doing so, amother butterfly has appeared and my husband is refusing to climb a ladder to get them down on the grounds that they aren't doing any harm. No, but they are multiplying and that is slightly freaking me out!

  2. I hope your nightmares are infrequent Julie :( & glad you didn't need to wake your parents x
    It's lovely having visitors isn't it :) & showing them the sights & sounds of where you live.
    I've joined in again this month x

  3. Great poost again Julie. Whitby is one of those places I keep meaning to get to!

    Love the old photo - my sis and I had one done in Wales once and we wanted to dress up as cowgirls but the miserable so and so wouldn't let us saying ladies were ladies in those days (never heard of Calamity Jane obviously) and made us wear long stupid dresses. We still sulk about it now!

  4. Another great post Julie - and I am so VERY glad you didn't have to ring your parents, (as a parent myself I assure you that like Debs14 - you do NOT want that kind of adrenaline rush!!) and that you never have such horrid nightmares again.
    I love your old photo of the guys dressed up! and am envious of your day in Whitby - It's many years since I visited but had some great holidays there - in fact you've reminded me that I need to find my Whitby jet - I don't know where I've put it - somewhere "safe" obviously!!
    I've joined in again this month - here are my numbers -
    J xx

  5. Oh what a fun month Julie - except of course for that nightmare. I especially love your space station photo. And what a delight to peek into the inner workings of Fabricky Bits.

    I posted my count at:

    but I managed to forget to include the community count. So just for the official record, we had seven visitors and there are two of us. ;-)

  6. I'm noticing a steps theme in your last couple of months Julie - you must have excellent calf muscles!

    I'm very pleased that you fell asleep before you reached for the phone too - the adrenalin burst from calls at that time of the morning takes all day to wear off!

    My very first Month in Numbers is up on my blog, I hope you enjoy the photo of my giant lemon!

  7. My month in numbers is up - pinching a few ideas from other blogs.

  8. love your photo of waving to Howard and all those steps

    I've posted my numbers

  9. August certainly did fly by! I'll need to get my numbers together soon; it may be a short list for me.

  10. My goodness look at all that fabric!
    I've got my numbers up now.

  11. I can't imagine your parents would have been happy to be called at 4:26am. Although maybe since she doesn't mind popping over to help you put together your fabric packs maybe she wouldn't have minded your call? I love that you went out and checked out the space station. What's the app your dad uses?

    Here's my numbers:

  12. That space picture is soooooo cool! I love satelite spotting. :D
    So sweet of your mom to come and help you out.
    Some days my home feels like the 199 steps trip. ;)

    Here are my numbers:

  13. A bit late but here is mine,
    Jo xxx

  14. Here's the link to my month in numbers:
    Thanks for hosting!

  15. Another fascinating and entertaining read. We love the space station app too and have stood outside, heads leant back, eyes skyward many a time!! Back with my numbers soon :)

  16. Hello Julie, another great list from you. I am with you on the nightmare front...I have them frequently. Love your picture of Howard, just brilliant. My numbers are here

  17. That sounds like quite a nightmare ... But relieved your Mum and Dad got to sleep on. If my Dad rings for me in the middle of the night, the adrenaline rush keeps me awake for hours! Lovely to. See the photos of Whitby - was there last year ...

  18. Another eventful month for you but oh not nice about the nightmare.

    Eventually got my act together for my numbers - here they are -

  19. Better late than never I say, so here is the link to my post on my August numbers.
    Just squeezed in before I have to put together Septembers!!


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