Thursday 29 May 2014

Extra Padding: Prepare to hook yourself in again. A re-introduction to the Push-Up Bra series.

Hello hello.

So ... Push-Up Bra blogging eh?
So, why am I back here peddling my push-up again?

Well, I wanted to return to the series for two main reasons:

1. To re-inspire lapsed bloggers. Including myself.

Towards the end of last year / the start of 2014 I'd really slowed down on the blogging front.

Which, in itself didn't worry me. It's like I say in Chapter 9. The Kenny Rogers Approach you gotta know when to walk away, know when to run!

So I just recognised that it was a natural lull in my blogging and just waited until I felt like running back! Which was sometime this spring.

Over that time my creative motivations and focus shifted slightly ... which had a knock-on effect on how I felt about my blog.

For instance I know in the original series I wrote that I often had plenty of things to blog about as I blogged ever scrapbook page I make. But the thing is ... I've only blogged 4 scrapbook pages this year ... and I haven't made a new 12x12 since February.

So ... I've been starting to question just what it is I should be using my blog space for. Things change. People, creativity, focus, motivations and blogs ... all change.

But, fortunately, I remembered I'd written an entire series aimed at helping other people get around precisely this kind of issue ... and I took it as an opportunity to take my own medicine.

 Physician heal thyself and all that!

And the second reason I wanted to take another look at the Push-Up Approach was ...

2. Because, quite honestly, it was a lot of work and I wanted to promote it again!
  • If it was a book [and it almost could be!] I'd like to think it would be something you could return to, slide off the shelf from time to time, dip in and out of.
But things move fast in this online world ... and they get forgotten quickly. And new people make their way on to our blogs all the time ... and so ... I thought I'd create a space to shout about it again.

And here we are ...


So let's begin properly [this is the part where you can revel in having a legitimate excuse to crack open a fresh new notebook. Go on ... you know you want to. Yes, even that lovely one you've been saving 'for best'. Go fetch! I'll wait ...]
Let's have another look at the course structure [which you can also apply to the bare bones structure of your own blogging.]

The series is divided into three parts:
  1. Why ::  Why would I want to blog more? What's in it for me?
  2. What :: What am I going to find to blog about?
  3. How :: How am I going to get organised for blogging more regularly? How can I streamline my blogging time?
[You can read all the posts in the series from the ink on this page]

But, while the course is divided into those distinct sections I know that parts of the series aren't for everyone. [Read the introduction to the course for more of an idea on whether any of it's for you or not!]

Some of you have told me directly, and I've seen it mentioned elsewhere, that it's not for them.

So I wanted to address this:
  • not because I'm in a mood about it [I rarely indulge in passive-aggressive mumblings ... least of all on my blog!]
  • and not to club you over the head with my push-up bra [OK, that should really say 'my push-up bra way of thinking].
But because I don't want that idea to put anyone off ...

It's not ONE approach; it's at least eight. And they're all intended to be pick 'n' mix.

Think of it like all those 'extras' you can put in a bra to boost the end results ... 
  • there's the regular under-wiring and the soft padding ...
  • then there's that thicker padding which can make the bra look like there's 'someone' in it even when it's empty ...
  • and then there's those soft gel pocket inserts and the bigger 'chicken-fillet' style boosters [or fish fillets as my Mam's been known to call them, which really isn't something you'd want in a bra.]
  • and then ... there's even air filled sacks ... which look like very small buoyancy aids ...
And sure they're all things you could put in your bra to ... erm ... raise your profile ...

... but maybe not every time.

I mean, some days you might be required to see over the top of your chest!

Same thing applies to your blogging and which ideas form the series you want to take on board at any given time.

From what I've understood from the feedback I've received it seems like it's the HOW approaches - revolving around the ideas of draft posts / scheduling / organising posts - which have tended to stick in people's minds the most:
And, funnily enough ... it's the advice in these chapters which seems to have struck a chord with both those people who loved the idea and can see how it would work for them ... and those who couldn't even contemplate it!!

I'm considering that some kind of achievement! At least there's a reaction!

Those who are turned off by the HOWs refer to how they prefer spontaneity in their blogging and I can't disagree with that. If that's how you are motivated then go with it! I'm meant to be doing something else right now .. but here I am finishing off this post as it felt like the right time!

If you're more of a spontaneous kind of blogger I would still say you can pick up tips in the WHY and WHAT sections of the course. There's nothing there that talks about structure or forward planning really and I still believe you'll find something to spark off a blogging idea there.

But really, if you're entirely happy doing what you're doing, blogging whatever whenever, then you probably don't need any blogging advice from a series like mine!

However ... if you'd like a few ideas on how your 'ooooh, now!' nature can actually help you shape your blog [at whatever time frame you fancy!] then here are a few ways you can exploit that spontaneity of yours ...

Making spontaneity in blogging work for you:

What is it that you last spontaneously blogged?
  • What was the topic?
  • Was it something that had just happened?
  • Was it something that felt time sensitive?
  • Something you were bursting to share?
Look at that post.

Mine it for inspiration.

There's a lot you can learn from analysing the kind of post you felt you just had to share, that instant.
  • Maybe it reveals your passions [there's a LOT more about this in the McFly Approaches both one and two.]
  • Maybe you can make a note of the kind of post it was then ... the next time a similar occasion arrives ... you'll remember that 'oh, last time this happened I blogged about it' ... and you can do the same again.
  • You'll be gradually building up a recognisable style / segment / feature. Something which - although maintaining that element of 'here and now' can still become an occasional spot on your blogging calendar. Something readers will come to recognise and connect to your unique style / voice [there's lots on finding your blogging 'voice' in The McFlyApproach Part One]
My Month in Numbers series [now in it's 5th year] began as an entirely spur of the moment post.

I didn't go and draft up 52 new posts in advance ... I didn't even anticipate repeating the same idea the following month.  And I had no overarching grand plan to still be sharing a monthly statistical summary four years down the line!!

So I know from experience that when you follow a spontaneous idea that just grabs you ... you can really make it work for you blog for years to come!

Another great example of making spontaneity work more than once - which is nothing to do with me or my push-up bra, I'm not taking any credit here - is something my friend Sian Fair at From High in the Sky has been doing recently.

In her 'Me on Monday' spot [the latest episode of which is here] Sian shares a glimpse into her weekend with a fun list of what she's got up to and a few photos. Of course she can't write these  posts in advance ... but she can, and does, repeat the idea the following week with the fresh things that happened that weekend.

So ... if you hate the idea of drafting and scheduling posts in advance ... don't let that deter you from following the Push-Up Bra course - it's much more than the HOW.

The WHATs are all there for the taking, whether you take them and schedule something for the next month or the next five minutes! These are all still worth a look:

If you are inspired to share something you've learned/used/developed from The Push-Up Bra Approach to Blogging series on your own blog - please visit this post for details on what you could do + what I'll do in return!

If this re-cap or my new notes on spontaneity stir up anything you want to feed back to me ... drop me a comment! [Who doesn't love blog comments? Well, the nice ones at least!]

I'm currently testing out the 'reply' function on my comments, so if there's something you really want to ask, I'll do my best to reply beneath ... and maybe you could check back to see it sometime or tick the 'notify me' box. [Email notifications of replies seems a bit hit and miss].

Or you can always catch me on my Facebook page or Twitter.

Ill see you soon push-uppers.

Julie :-)


  1. I love Sian's idea for Me on Monday - she's a genius isn't she? I also love how Abi's One photo 20 words idea took off. Not to mention Rinda's Annual Scavenger Hunt. All sparks of imagination that have grown.
    My blog post today was definitely spontaneous, but I can't see it becoming a regular event! Unless of course that phone conspires against me more often ...

  2. I'm all for spontaneous, me! and thank you :) yes, I wrote Me on Monday once, and then realised later on that week that I could do it again. I'm hoping if I continue to be brave enough to post a few pictures of myself that I'll have some new scrapping fodder too.

    Thanks for doing this and putting out the rallying call

  3. Thanks for rerunning this. ~It really helped me last year and my blog posting took off and I felt I was getting the hang of things, but over Christmas and then ever since things have slipped and I now feel guilty when I think of my blog - which is silly and I know something you addressed before so I'm hoping to use this to refresh myself and my blog.

  4. Great to see this back Julie! I loved your first series and will gain even more this time round.

  5. I was a spontaneous blogger for the first three years. After that there was always something with an arch, even when I didn´t follow it to the letter.


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