Friday 10 July 2015

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt 2015: the 'Out and About on Holiday edition

Me again. And I presume that's you. So, with the introductions over, let's just get started shall we?

OK ... following on from the photos I crossed off the Scavenger Hunt list the other day today's set of snaps were also taken while I was on holiday in Lincoln only these were found a little further afield than the city centre.

We spent a full day at Hemswell Antiques Centres plus a few of the other antiques/ collectibles/ junk stores on the same site and, alongside finding some actual treasure, papery treasure that is [visit my Etsy shop for a few of the fabulous finds you can share in!] I also kept an eye out for some scavenger hunt treasure.

Which is where I found ...
7. A turtle
This was in one of the more rambling, let's say 'eclectic', shops on the site which had an area selling cement/stone garden ornaments. If you're an Archer's fan ... it's like Eddie Grundy set up stall there.

And this - outside one of the main antiques centres was what I thought I'd have to rely on for ...
15. A flag pole with at least three flags on it
Yes ... I know that that's not one flagpole with at least three flags on it.

Yes ... I know that it's more like two flagpoles with one flag each. 

But it's been a struggle to find the one pole three flag combo that I thought I'd better take photos of anything that was 'near enough'. 

Which is why - inside the antiques centre, I photographed a whole BOX of flags in the hope I'd be getting nearer to the original category:
But wait ... because the following day ... we went for a wander around a marina which is where ... ta daa!!! I spotted this:
James did suggest that there was probably a 'proper' name for this thing ... but I'm saying it's a pole, it's got flags on it ... and there's at least three of them. so I'm calling this category done.

While we were there we pondered about how much money you'd need to have to have a boat like those that were bobbing around at the ends of the jettys there. And the fact that there's an office there calling itself a 'wealth management' service made us think the answer to our ponderings was: quite a lot. 

Because if I was asking someone to manage my wealth it would probably just mean I wanted them to stack my small change in size order ...

Anyway ... while casting our eyes to the water I also found:
8. Someone "plugged in" to social media
Can you just make out her iPhone over her left shoulder?

At first glance you might not think that this was a photo worth taking; 'young woman with phone' is a regular day-to-day occurrence what makes this one so special?

Well ... allow me to zoom out where you'll see that yes, she was indeed staring at her phone in the way millions of others do ... but she was also staring at her phone while distractedly eating an ice lolly ... and while carrying a carrier bag full of shopping in the other hand ... and - and this is the killer - while balancing standing up in a dinghy on the water!!!
And if that doesn't define someone as being 'plugged in' then I don't know what does!! 

Once she'd finished with her phone she sat down and rowed herself across the water back to her house on the other side. And drifting off is what I'm going to do now ... 

Have a great weekend ahead - and if you too are on the photo-hunt then best of luck with your scavenging! 

See you soon. 

Julie :-)

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  1. Your pictures and posts are AWESOME!!! I love how you find all your pictures ... there is no way I could find most of those things in my little town I live in. You take such interesting pics and have such a way with writing that you keep us all in stitches [laughing!] Have a nice weekend!



  2. Oh, I so love your writing!
    Thanks for joining in. It is fascinating that there are so few multi-flag flag poles outside the U.S.

  3. The mast with all those flags certainly should qualify! Incredible (and yes, I think a person would have to be a zillionaire to afford a yacht like those!). You are definitely spot on with the [young] person plugged into social media . . . amazing that she is multi-tasking too! haha!

  4. I am going to struggle with the flag poles as well, so I am super-impressed by your diligence in this category. And the pulled-back shot of your dingy-owning young woman is priceless ... I always enjoy the way you present your photos in a story too :).

  5. I echo Alexa and love how your photos are all from one day or a weekend away. I'm going to copy that idea this week of you don't mind! Like you have just found the three flags at a marina. And oh wow that young lady has some nerve. I don't think I could stand up in a dingy let alone doing it eating a lolly, holding a bag and on my phone!

  6. Yep: the flag is the sticker here too. I have a bunch of flags all the same..might try to slip that in :)


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