Tuesday 7 July 2015

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt 2015: the Lincoln City Centre Edition

Hello you.

I've been away - I dare say you missed me something rotten but my scheduled posts must have been of some balm to you ... right? ;-) But you can dry your tears now because I'm back; and with me I've brought back some photos I can cross of the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt list.

So here are the items I found while wandering here and there around Lincoln city centre last week.

1. A bouquet of flowers
While inside Lincoln Cathedral [following our roof tour ... scroll down for an amazing view!!] I spotted these two floral displays which I thought would be perfect for this category. In the photo above I loved the contrast between the softness of the the fresh petals and the solid, timeworn, Norman brickwork.

I also spotted this one in a small side chapel:
Then, later in the week, I just happened to look up and spot another - albeit irregular - bouquet of flowers:
If the scavenger hunt had had the category '3 false gerberas in an upturned old tuba outside a tattoo parlour'then I would have nailed it with this shot! Now onto another equally decorative item from the list ...

2. An ornate door knocker
Down the hill from our hotel I spotted this beast ... 
...what do we think? Fox? Wolf? Bear? 

And I also found this vintage scrolled design one ... which someone clearly felt wasn't already ornate enough, so they added their own decorative extra:
Next, strolling around behind the cathedral, I realised that through Priory Gate [built in 1816 but reusing materials from a 14th Century gatehouse] ...
... I could capture ...
14. A traffic signal
I like the idea that, once upon a time, it'll have been horses and carriages passing through here ,,, not sure what they used as traffic signals back then!

And while we're on the road ...

The day we headed off for our week away we had no idea that, at the very same time we'd planned to to arrive at our hotel in the heart of the city, the British Cycling Road Racing Championships would also want to be using the very same roads we needed.

Guess whose plans won out in the end ...

Here we are, after already running into at least 4 'Road Ahead Closed' signs finally just having to sit and wait until the race raced by:
 When we finally found a way through, parked up, emptied the car and took our cases to the room we decided to stretch our legs with a nice walk through the old town. Which is when we discovered that, while one area of the race had finished ... it wasn't all over just yet. In fact this was the sight 1 minute away from our hotel:
Crowds and crowds of people lines the course along the old streets and it was from here that I think we saw the Mark Cavendish from the back as he turned uphill. But seriously ... who am I to tell one cyclist from another?

It was later that afternoon, once the race was over and the crowds dissipated through the streets that I managed to cross off yet another item ...

18. An overloaded truck, car, bicycle or other vehicle
We spotted this giant screen in a car park which must have relayed the days events to those who couldn't get a view from the course itself. And, if you look carefully, you'll be able to see that this monster of a TV somehow emerges up from the back of a truck! 

And finally for today here's a category I'd already crossed off the list but ... after taking these shots last week, I thought they were so appropriate that I couldn't resist sharing another take on ...

16. A panoramic view, taken while standing someplace high in the air

When we took the roof tour at Lincoln Cathedral I took this photo from a walled ledge near the base of one of the main towers showing the town with the castle walls and tower in the centre:
Then, a day or so later, when we visited the castle I took a mirror image shot this time from the top the castle tower showing the view of the Cathedral:
Actually, while we were up on top of the castle tower - taking photos like this one - we could actually see some other people taking the Cathedral roof tour ... so we were taking photos of people on top of the cathedral who were taking photos of people on top of the castle just like we'd done a few days earlier ... and now my head hurts! It's like lining up two mirrors and trying to work out where the original image begins!

As you can see from my list I'm well on my way to finding all 21 items on the list:
While I haven't yet blogged all 17 of these I have photographed them, so I'm not too worried about whether or not I'll find them all but ... to cover all my bases ...

... while I was passing The Usher art gallery in Lincoln I did stop to take a photo of everything ...
Y'know ... just in case?!

More soon
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  1. Great knockers! Said with a smirk.
    Really love the paired panoramas, and
    The composition of the bouquets is wonderful.

  2. Hi Julie, great photos and you've found some really quirky items to tick of the list. I really like the gerberas in the tuba and the shot of the traffic lights. Congratulations on finding an overloaded vehicle - I'm still searching :) And the photo of 'everything' is the best catchall I've seen. Elizabeth

  3. I love your aerial views from both perspectives and the lights through the archway. And of course you have definitely nailed it with your photo of everything - brilliant!

  4. I've just enjoyed your pictures of Lincoln such a lovely place to explore. Your two scenes capes from high places made me smile. If you go to the roof of Tattershall castle on a fine day it is possible to see the high towers of Lincoln, just in case your head is not spinning enough.

  5. I do love the way you write! You really made me laugh with the comment about the tuba. Great collection of photos - you are doing really well! Fancy having a photo of everything lol!

  6. The roof of the cathedral? Gulp!

    I'm plumping for a fox door knocker, whilst admiring that beautiful shade of blue

  7. Ooh, I love Lincoln! We always used to go for the "big markets" (as my Mum calls them)! Great shots! Love the tuba one...! Love your 'Everything' photo!! I'm going for wolf although it's kind of creepy how it does so easily morph from fox to bear to wolf and back again....!

  8. Such fun Julie! Love the double ornate door knocker on the PINK door!

  9. Such fun Julie! Love the double ornate door knocker on the PINK door!

  10. Such great captures - my favourites are the tuba-filled gerberas, and the shot of the lights through the archway. You are racing ahead here ...


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