Wednesday 5 August 2015

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt 2015: The ticket booth [for Hamlet no less]

Hello, hello.

There's only one reason I feel I can share this particular scavenger hunt discovery with you now and it's this:
The tickets are here. In the flesh. I actually have them in my hand. [Well, I've put them down for 5 minutes while I type ...].

But until they were here safely delivered ... and therefore 'real' to me ... I hadn't dared share my photo of  No.19. A ticket booth... for fear of jinxing it!

But now I can:

19. A ticket booth
Funnily enough I didn't originally take the photo specifically for the hunt. I took it entirely for its own sake, to mark the occasion. The occasion being ... 
  • waiting ... in an online queue to buy tickets to see Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet. The regular priced tickets broke box office records last year by selling out in minutes 
  • waiting ...while knowing how lucky I'd been to get through the limited offer draw which gave me the chance to buy 2 x £10 tickets. 
  • waiting ... while wondering how I can appropriately thank my friend, who told me how I could enter the draw in the first place! Any suggestions K? ;-)
  • waiting ... while having cleared my schedule and moved a hair appointment so I'd be in a position to sit, click and wait for as long as it took after the box office opened at 12pm [you can see in the photo that it was still only mid-day and the queue was already soooo long!]
  • waiting ... for over an HOUR to reach the front of the queue despite having clicked on the link the minute the ticket booth opened. Clearly other people have quicker clicking fingers than me! 
  • waiting ... behind 780 other people to be exact!! [The queue had actually gone down when I took this shot].
  • waiting ... while being careful not to accidentally close the window or else I would lose my place in the queue!
  • waiting ... in the knowledge that the interminable waiting was actually the fun part as at the end of it I'd have to have a mad scramble to find 2 seats together on a date we could attend.
  • waiting ... while knowing that at least 1560 tickets would already have been sold by the time I reached the front!! [780 people x the 2 tickets each were allotted] 
It wasn't until afterwards, after my blood pressure returned to normal [that's a lie, it's still prone to fluctuations!] that I realised how perfectly perfect my photo was for the hunt. 

So, that's No. 19 crossed off the list ... making just 5 more categories to capture and then share. And I'm planning to save those up for the trip to the London. 

 If 'Someone with ridiculous levels of nervous energy outside a London theatre' had been one of the categories ... I could have made a note to take a selfie ...
If you want to join in the hunt then make sure you visit Rinda as it's her brainchild! You can share your discoveries either via your blog, or on Instagram with the hashtag  #‎rindas2015photohunt or even join the Facebook group and make sure to visit Rinda's blog to catch her regular round-ups and link posts.

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Julie :-)


  1. Glad you got the tickets you wanted, was worth the wait. Love the story telling behind your posts

  2. Congratulations on bagging your tickets, and the opportunity to see the divine BC in the flesh :) I hope you enjoy it even more than you expect to.
    I have to admire your patience and fortitude. Waiting on a phone/ the internet, indeed any 'personless' object, seems to do something strange to me and I become quickly irritated and frustrated.
    I can stand in a line quite placidly for ages (unless someone tries to queue jump and then the demon appears again!).

    1. It was a nerve wracking wait - but I did appreciate how well informed it kept you and, most importantly, how smoothly it all worked! No random logging me out or dropping the connection thank goodness!!!

  3. So glad that you nabbed these tickets; but what a trial to get them indeed! Capturing the on line ticket booth is genius! I keep thinking that I have to find a physical ticket booth for the photo scavenger hunt and that, along with a carousel, is eluding me thus far! Have a wonderful time at the performance!

  4. Sounds like you were pretty close to breathing into a paper bag! All's Well That Ends Well, maybe?

  5. Congratulations on the tickets - sadly none here. Inspired ticket boo photo too!

  6. I held my breath while reading (even though I had seen the tickets at the beginning of the post!) - Totally crazy experience that I have never gone through BUT would totally put myself through for Benedict in Hamlet!!!! Lucky lucky you :D

  7. Absolutely perfect!!!
    And congratulations on getting in.
    Enjoy the show (and how big an understatement is that!)


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