Thursday 27 August 2015

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt 2015: The London Edition

Hi hi. 

Did you catch my post earlier this week, the one where I blurred the lines between rational adult on holiday and complete Sherlock super-fan? A post which, for balance, also involved gnomes and black-bean burgers?  Well, if you didn't read it, you'll want to go catch-up ... because that's quality journalism you're missing out on right there..  

But not so quick! Because I've got more scavenger hunt photos to share as I'm almost finished my version of the 21 items we needed to find! 

So, have I mentioned I've been to London? Once or twice? Well, ever since I knew I was headed there I'd been holding off photographing this next particular category as I thought a snapshot of the Thames would make the ideal document of my mini-break.

The thing is ... as you'll see, I didn't really stop at ONE photo ...

20. A natural body of water
The Thames, glittering in the morning sunshine:
The thing we came to realise about the Thames is that it's so ubiquitous you can see it from all kinds of locations throughout the city.

So much so that while our hotel sat right on the river with the front door being just metres away from the water's edge we could also see it from our room located at the back of the building:
And we couldn't really go far without bumping into [although, happily, not falling into] it. So here are a few additional takes on my chosen 'natural body of water ...

... with essential London landmarks in the background:
The London Eye:
Tower Bridge:
And while we're on the subject of bridges here's a glimpse of the Thames taken...

... while on a bridge:

... and while under a bridge: 

... then with the tide out: 
It was a little strange to hear the tidal lapping of the water, a familiar sound from closer to home where the coast is just a few minutes drive away, but not necessarily something I thought I'd hear in a city.

And from moving with the tides we go back in time to  ...

...when it froze over:
 One of a series of plaques depicting the frost fairs held between the 17th and early 19th Centuries when the Thames would freeze over.

And while we're on the subject of doing brave things on the river [I'm much more of a landlubber] ... here's a view of the Thames ...

... from the back of a boat:
 My friend Kirsty and I took a trip up and down the river, to and from Greenwich, and it was on our return that we sat in the splash zone, with various small boys and other people who didn't mind getting wet when the engines were going full speed.

While I was there I took this photo as proof that, this summer, I did at least one activity that required the creation of an official 'Escape Plan':
Makes me feel almost adventurous. Almost.

And finally, for today, here's yet another shot of the Thames, again with an famous London landmark in the background [the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben] only this time, in the foreground, I've sneaked in another Scavenger Hunt category:

21. A photograph of you with a sign reading "2015 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt".
I'll admit that I did worry if I'd feel silly holding that up while on a very crowded bank-side footpath; then I saw just how many tourists were selfie-sticking with gay abandon. And I got over myself!


I've now got just 2 categories left to find and my summertime hunt will be at an end!

Is that autumn I can feel in the air? *starts thinking of what to document as the days begin to darken *


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  1. great photos from London but you had some grey old days to visit!

  2. Great shots of some big landmarks ... I like the one of you with the scavenger hunt paper best. How can you look so ridiculously young? Well, you ARE young, of course, but you could be fourteen there :).

    1. Well that's made my morning Alexa! I almost didn't share the photo as I thought I looked a bit tired and grumpy [in was the morning after the Hamlet before ...and so much excitement can take it out of a girl!] but I'm glad I did now! ;-)

  3. It always surprises me that you can get right down to the water's edge. I always think of the Thames being very contained: maybe because I'm used to seeing the distinctive shape on a map? I remember watching a thing about the Frost Fairs on Blue Peter when I was little and writing a story in school, then, about our local river freezing over.

  4. Thanks to you, I get to visit all these different places. Love ALL the pics, Julie!

  5. Fantastic photos (as always) - I love how you took shots of the river from lots of different angles. Made me giggle to think of you sitting with lots of little boys all excited about getting splashed by the boats wake x

  6. I loved the boat ride last time we visited. I used to work at the Royal Naval College at Greenwich so made a point of going there - by boat. The guide was hilarious and even though I lived there for a couple of years, there was so much I didn't know until then. Great 'British grey' photos too.


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