Sunday, 12 July 2009

Bits, bobs and miscellany.

This is really just a quick 'Hello' and a touch of blog-keeping, there's no grand narrative or cohesive link between everything and while you may not care'snot how I like to do things ...but I guess I'll survive.

OK then, first up .....

I wanted to share a great layout my friend Hannah made for her Banana Frog 'Project of the Day' today, here's a peek ...

.... now click here to see the rest of it.

I actually sat opposite Hannah while she put this loveliness together at our local crop on Saturday. Did you know our teeny tiny crop had spawned two Design Team members for Banana Frog?
Maybe the community centre was built over some creative lay-lines, maybe it's something in the water which we make tea with [and we do have a lot of tea] or maybe it's something
Jean puts in all the home-baking she brings!

Whatever it is it suits me just fine. While there yesterday I made 3 layouts, bought 3 new stamps, intercepted a glorious packet of ephemera before it ended up in the bin and ate 4 of Jean's homemade mini cheese scones. Now that's a good day by anyone's standards, surely???

When I got home form the crop I found that the lovely, lovely Sharmaine Kruijver had passed on a blog award to me from her own blog '4 Squirts and a Dollop of Cream'.

The info on the award says: "The Love My Friends Award is given to those bloggers who aspire, inspire and share the most beautiful of human attributes: art, wisdom and friendship. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more."

How nice is that? Thank you so much Sharmaine. I seriously doubt that this particular post would win any prizes for inspiration and wisdom ... but do [usually] try ... so I'm very happy that Sharmaine thought of me. :)

As for passing this on to 8 more people ... I hope I don't have my award revoked if I don't fulfil that part.

Next on the agenda then.... what do you think of when you see this little container of blackberries?:

I bought them on Friday knowing how much James likes them, it wasn't until I got them home dod I recognise the potential of that cute little box to become an altered shrine type project.

On the other hand, when he arrived home from work, James stepped through the door, said 'Hello', spotted the fruit and immediately said 'Ha! I wonder why you bought them. For the box?'.

And while the answer to that was, tryuthfully 'No' - it was a nice little added bonus. Needless to say, if I do get round to making anything with it'll be the first to know.

So, that just about rounds up my round-up of random events and now we're all up to date I can go into next week with a blank page to fill ... and to fill you in on.

See you then then. Here's to a wonderful week.

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