Monday, 13 July 2009

The Twittering Machine

'The Twittering Machine' Paul Klee

Once I'd grown out of decorating my bedroom with posters of long haired men I used to have a print of the Paul Klee watercolour on my bedroom wall. I wonder if Klee had really envisioned a future where people would log themselves into a machine, turn a crank and spout forth insights into their lives [and minds] in 140 characters or less? Who knows.

I didn't think I'd bother signing up for it but I did and, 96 updates later, I love Twitter. I enjoy having to concentrate every possible permutation of the things going on in my world at that moment in time, into one vaguely coherent tweet.
Kirsty and I have often wondered how we could work the creative possibilities of Twitttering into a challenge for our Copy + Paste Project blog ... and now some-like-minded-challengers have beaten us to it.
Dare 142 over on The Dares scrapbooking challenge site read: 'Twit-dare. Tweets + photos = instant scrappage'. I agreed I put this together:

I already had the photo and was intending to scrap it to remind me of a really nice summer day I had to myself a few weeks ago. I took another similar photo last week and think I'll repeat this through the the next few weeks, using Tweets for my journaling on those too, to create a series of snapshots of how I filled my summer days.

For this first page I decided to use only items which have come from my Design Team 'Quirky Kits'. The majority of it came from the latest Juicy Fruit Quirky Kit [which is still available from Crafty Templates ] with the addition of a journalling card, the Kim Smith 'Pow Paper' and a label left over from past kits.

The bright Rose Moka ‘Pique-Nique’ papers are ideal for summer scrapping. Ideal. And yet ...

... after weeks of wondering if I ought save the melon patterned paper and handmade felt embellishment on the off chance that we might, at some point, have some water-melon-related photos to scrap, at the crop on Saturday, I finally decided to put them to good use on this page instead.

I'm really pleased I did - the colours work perfectly with my photo and it all combines to give the whole layout a warm summery feeling. Perfect really. Only ....

....upon my return from the crop, where I'd just used up all my melon related goodies, after stepping through the door what should I see sitting on the kitchen work top, grinning at me in it's green, globular glory?

Yes, that's right. A water melon.

One which will just have to remain un-scrapped!



  1. Love that Paul Klee picture - not seen that before - it's beautiful.

    Love your layout too - especially the ribbon. I always struggle with ribbon. And how typical that the watermelon would be there to taunt you when you got home - and after you'd been so bold and used the paper up!

  2. A grinning watermelon eh? (How bizarre! :D)
    I used to have Heath Robinson posters on mine. Love that Paul Klee print! I have to say that Twitter's never appealed to me but I love the idea of using tweets as ready made journaling.
    Wonderful layout! :)

    PS. What's all this about a sister page to my Butts?
    Oh, and .... 'Eau de Toilette'? Ha! Ha! Very funny! LOL

  3. That's a very pretty felt slice (gives me an idea for a layout about jam making, thanks!), and a funky LO as per usual.

  4. You know what I thought-you could cut an apple in quarters-and print some new watermelon paper-and scrap the watermelon after all!
    great Lo-it does scream summer. Shame we're not having one..


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