Thursday, 30 July 2009

What goes around ...

This morning I sent off a little something through the post to Kirsty my partner in all things Copy & Paste-y [more on that over on Copy & Paste next week].

This afternoon I gave my cousin a scrapbooking starter kit complied from my stash after she expressed an interest in starting scrapping. Frankly, who could blame her for wanting to capture memories of this perfectly perfect little one? Wouldn't you want to scrap every single photo of that face? Then, as these things tend to go, my latest Gauche Alchemy Acme Kit arrived to replenish my stocks!

Quite apart from loving what's inside them, I even love the act of opening up their kits. They're always packaged so nicely, this time everything was wrapped in an old dressmaking pattern and pink rope. Bliss!

The Acme Kit contains a mix of vintage and modern ephemera alongside traditional papercrafting supplies:

Then, because they're really rather nice, Amy and Heather threw in one of their cute Colour Kits for me to play with too!
Over on the Gauche blog they're in the process of assigning alternative names to their colour kits. This one [obviously] is the pink kit which has been newly re-named 'Pink Parts'!! It now sits alongside 'Blue Streak' and 'Banana Hammock' [I'm sorry, but I still snigger every time I read that one!!] in the Gauche Alchemy online shop and, if you think you can stay [just] within the bounds of common decency and help them re-name their purple kit then pop over there now. You can win a kit too ....

And yes Hannah Banana your eyes are not deceiving you that is a pink plastic flamingo you've spied there!! Karma was obviously paying me back, very specifically, in kind for the cocktail flamingo I donated to you on Wednesday!!!
Do you reckon if I gave you my old car tomorrow I'd be rewarded with a brand new one next week?

Lastly, I've been invited to bring a little something along to the party Shimelle Laine's holding at this weekend. Think more 'paper crafting project' than 'bottle of white' [although I can see no reason why I shouldn't do both!]. You can find out more here, there'll be lots of other guests there and to continue in my karmic strain ..... I'm now extending that invitation to you: Friday night 'til Sunday night; you; me, Shimelle; a bunch of others; paper crafting; prizes; printables; other things which don't begin with 'p' ....what do you say?

Maybe see you there?

Until then - be careful what you put out there. I've learned that apparently good crafting-supply-gifts beget good crafting-supply-gifts. Stick to that rule and you can't go too far wrong might just prevent the boomerang of karma curving back on you and cracking you over the head!



  1. fabulous!!! have fun and what a sweetie baby!!

  2. I really need to get across to Gauche Academy and have a look at their kits. I keep hearing so much gushing about them.

    What a cutie pie. I can't think of a better subject for your cousin to start scrapping.

    Planning on joining the party at some point over the weekend.

  3. Heh. Now that I'm looking at photos of the kit, I realize I sent you our Ball and Chain kit ( instead of the Acme kit I MEANT to send! D'oh!

    So, now you have a LOAD of pink. I know you're not dissatisfied with the error. ;)

  4. I can't wait to see what you do with the kits!!! I also think she will have fun starting out with that cute baby,and she always has you around to ask questions if she gets stuck. Happy happies Julie. Joyce

    Might jump on over to the party

  5. Loving Pink Parts - can't wait to see what happens to purple :)


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