Friday, 14 January 2011

Anyone else need cake?

Hi there you.

As someone wise once said: 'There is always room for cake':

And so say all of us, no?

Well, that's the message behind my latest - and last - post as a DT member on the Banana Frog blog today [click the photo,or here, to go to the post].

After 2 fantastic years I've decided to move on. I simply need to borrow back the time for myself and my other creative work.

It's all part of one of the goals I mentioned in my weekly Art Journal last week:

It's the one that's taken up much of my brain this last few weeks. It's number 3 on that list.
  • Learn the difference between 'can' and 'should'.
Intellectually I know the difference. Hell, I've got a first class English degree, if I didn't know the literal difference it would be a poor show wouldn't it? But I really need to start putting it into practice.

Even though I'd like to do everything and am able to turn my hand to quite a few things. Time won't allow me to. So I need to prioritise.

It's all led me to thinking [so what's new?] about what it is I really want to chase after ... so I can then lace up my boots and start running in the right direction.

Knowing me, I'll probably trip and fall along the way. Or someone else will trip and fall and land on me and I'll get scraped knees along the way ... but that's nothing new ... and it's what sticking plasters were made for.

Oh and cake always helps too ...

Julie x


  1. Julie, that's a brave decision. Having a DT slot for someone like Banana Frog must give you a sense of security (for a time anyway). And it gives you recognition from all the visitors to their blog, as well as your own.
    So, to give it up to follow your own goals is brave.
    But I think you've done a good thing too and I find it inspiring! I am also trying to work out the difference between the concepts of "What I Could Do" and "What I Should Do". I decided that my Intention this year should be to find more Balance between my Family Obligations and my Personal Needs/Wants/Goals.
    Seeing someone else (esp. someone on my "bloggers I quite admire" list!) doing a very similar thing, gives me a little extra courage to try hard. I have been drifting along - "la, la-la la-laaaa", you know... make what pleases me, but not always what will sell etc, etc...
    Thank you for inspiring me to try. I wish you lots of luck, lots of success and may you always have a great big plaster handy, and a friend to stick it on for you, should you ever need it!

  2. Oh, sorry... forgot to say, "Yes, please, I always have room for cake too!"

  3. Did you mention cake? Has it been made by James? You won't need plasters because you will be soaring high above.

    If the answer to the afore mentioned question is yes please bring to crop. Always always room for cake.

  4. What's all this about tripping and falling? Hey, not going to happen - unless you keep thinking about it! Heads up and keep going: there's only the finishing line and cake - oh, and loads of us cheering you on. :)

  5. Even you do trip & fall (highly unlikely) you'll land with style & flair & your plasters will always be artfully decorated:D Good luck with your future're right, there's always room for cake, it's one of my favourite sayings:D:D

  6. I've been inspired and encourage by you to follow my dreams many times - I hope you manage to pursue your own and do let me know if there's anything I can do to help x

  7. Ha ha! This cracks me up - yes there is always room for cake :-)
    Good luck with achieving your goals ...

  8. Hey, as long as you make sure your boots are broken in and remember to occasionally glance down you'll be fine.
    Besides, they make some really cool plasters now. *Zebra* striped ones in fact. :)

    And yay for cake!

  9. You're an amazing inspiration, your work is STUNNING, STUNNING, STUNNING - so I just know you'll achieve whatever it is you set your mind too :) ... eerr, wouldn't say no if any cake is left

  10. Hear, hear to all the above. Julie, your work is totally fabulous, always original and SO inspirational.. you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.. and I can't wait to see what that may be. Best of luck!


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