Sunday, 9 January 2011

Art Journal Challenge - Week 1: Goals

Hello there.

How's Sunday going? We began the day with me getting excited to see glimpses of the prodigal sun and racing to take photographs of my latest projects while it was shining. Then we [ie: 'James'] manouvered the van on the thickest, clearest layer of ice we've ever seen on our roads. Then we ate a lovely apple and plum crumble. Then someone tweeted me a smile, and an 'awesome', and then someone called me 'eclectically wonderful' on their blog. Which was awesome. And I smiled.

Then someone ...

OK, you probably don't need every detail of my Sunday ... especially when it's this page from a new journal which I actually logged on to share with you:

It's for the Weekly Art Journal Challenge I'm taking part in over on the UKStampers forum .

Each week throughout 2011, Effie [of Efemera Ink] will set the topic and add in a few ingredients to be included on the pages and all you have to do is interpret this in your own style and share your pages in the gallery.

I really think this is going to be the structure I need to get more art journaling done this year:

And, as with all important things in life [and also for the unimportant, the casual, the fripperies, the nonsense etc] I already had *just* the journal in stock and ready to use:

When I say 'in stock' ... I mean 'in stock on the shelves of the shop-of-Julie'. Which is in my craftroom ... where all those blank notebooks live ... with their clean white potential just laying in wait for me.

Don't pretend you don't have a similar collection! I know you do!

This one was from TKMaxx which had a great range of these beautifully bound books filled with lovely, absorbent, handmade paper pages:

It was one of my 'I've bought this for myself, would you like to buy it off me and give me it for Christmas?' presents. And very lovely it is too.

I can't wait to fill it!

If you'd like to join in the challenge just drop by journal thread in the 'Weekly Challenge' area of the UKStampers forum. The more the inkier.

Check in with me tomorrow when I'll have Week 2's page - based on the theme of 'Gifts' to share.

Funnily enough, 'Gifts' is a really rather appropriate topic for tomorrow ... for some reason or other ... I'm just saying ....

Julie x


  1. I'll be honest, I'm a bit lost when it comes to art journals, I'd love, love, love to give one a go, but not sure where to start, so I'll be watching yours with interest :) Happy sunday.

  2. That truly is a book of scrumptiousness deserving of some beautiful journalling goodness.

    Here is another couple of words to add your 'adjectives of Julie'... "creatively inspirational".
    By the way should you happen to write a book called 'the adjectives of Julie' I fully expect royalties and I'm counting on them to support my early retirement plans... :)

  3. A post full of sumptuous gorgeousness and eastern promise :)! (Well, you're east of me, anyway!). Excited to see what's coming up this year ...


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