Thursday, 27 January 2011

Overheard: Well, it's the next best thing.

Hi, hi, hi.

It feels like forever since I shared an overheard from campus with you so, while taking a break from my current Twitter-preoccupation I've trawled back through my notebooks and found this snippet from February 2008 ...

It's another one of my not-really-an-overheard overheards as this was actually something a lecturer said during a lecture I was taking notes in.

He'd been lecturing the students in the necessity of practising 'real' observational drawing as a means to improve their virtual modelling skills and during this, launched into a reminiscence about how, as a student himself, he'd travelled to Italy to take-in and sketch-out its culture and inspiration.

His following words of wisdom seemed to suggest that he'd suddenly wondered if he was coming across as stuffy and was eager to reinstate himself as still pretty cool ...

Lecturer: When I was in Florence I went to see Michelangelo’s David ... but it was too expensive to get in and I couldn’t afford it.

... so I bought a bottle of wine and sat looking at the Ponte Vecchio instead.

To his relief - I'm sure - his students laughed at the mere thought of a drunk lecturer ... and me .. well, as usual I found myself casually flicking to a clean sheet of paper to scribble his small revelation down before I forgot!

Photo: Not exactly the Ponte Vecchio ... but the bridge in beautiful Corbridge, Northumberland. Taken September 2010.

See you tomorrow.



  1. Deliciously observed - and I'm sure you correctly caught his motivation and change of tack!

  2. That's fab! Made me laugh too. Thanks for a fun post, Julie!

  3. LOL!! Love that! Now I'm wondering if the students were laughing 'with' him or 'at' him.. and hoping it was 'with'.


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