Sunday, 13 March 2011

Art Journal Challenge: Weeks 7-9

Hello you. How's things?

Yesterday I helped
Effie choose a theme for this week's UKStampers art journal challenge. And, by randomly landing on a page from an old children's dictionary I was cutting up ... we struck upon the word 'scare' and so the topic for next week [Week 11] became '5 things which scare you'.

Then, a few hours after helping to choose that theme ...last night I had a full-on, wake-up-in-a-sweat-crying-uncontrollably, frightened-for-your-life, daren't-close-your-eyes, can't-go-back-to-sleep nightmare!


James did everything he could to comfort me but I was a hard case to console. At one point [I think he was tired ... and quickly running out of ideas ...] he uttered the bizarre phrase 'let me comfort you with my big sleep'. ???

So while I ponder on what on earth that sentence meant ... allow me to share with you my responses to the less terrifying themes from Weeks 7 - 9:

Week 7 = Colours; use your favourite colour as a background; doodle a border round the page.

I really don't have a favourite colour. I love lots of them. Green, blue and pink especially. And dare I say it ... even white - a non-colour - is high up there vying for the top spot! [My favourite item of clothing ever, ever, ever has to be the plain white T-shirt].

So, I really didn't know what to do for this page.

Then I spotted the 'Are You Ready for Beige' caption in my art-journaling stash which I'd chopped out of an old Elle magazine and I decided to build a page around it. To combat the beige [which I do actually like btw] I sliced up a paint colour chart and glued the entire range into my journal!

On now to Week 8: Books; list your Top 5; use an old book page as a background:

I didn't use an old book page - but Idid find a wonderful old text stamp to do the job just as well!

My quote [below] is taken from the infinitely quotable author Andrew Miller [from the novel Ingenious Pain]:

The definition of 'book' [above] was taken form the children's dictionary I mentioned at the start of this post.

Week 9 = Fashion; fashion disasters + favourite pieces ... all of which I interpreted rather loosely:

The model is composited from snippets from various magazines and my ever-faithful Jack Wills catalogue - which is also where I found the phrase 'Casual - but I can rock them on a night out' phrase:

The dress-form shape actually came free with a recent issue of Papercraft Inspirations magazine - and I used as a stencil to ink through rather than a template to draw around:

The journaling is all true ... I was indeed a precocious fashion guru.

Apparently I refused to wear 'days of the week' underwear on the wrong days and would happily point out when things my Mam was trying to dress me in didn't match.

No one who knows me should be surprised by this ...


So that's all for now, but I have got Weeks 10 [Journal your week] and 11 [What scares you?!] to complete and then share soon.

But after the whole choosing a 'scary' topic then having a nightmare coincidence I'm slightly wary of helping Effie choose another week's theme. Unless ...

... unless of course I suggest the theme of 'becoming rich, eradicating injustice and fulfilling your every wish while wearing a lifetime's supply of haute couture and breath-stopping footwear' as the theme for Week 12 ...

Let's just say that if I'm not around much in the next week or so ... you'll know that one came true too!

Failing that, then here's to a non-scary week ahead for us all. I'll see you very soon.

Julie :-)


  1. Glorious post! What a frolic of delicious humour and talented artwork. Love coming here. Sorry about the nightmare; but your suggestion for Week 12 has real mileage! (By the way, the word identification is "wellymph" which I am sure would lend itself to some wonderful art journalling!).

  2. I also have fabulous word verification when I'm visiting your blog. Todays? Corking.

    Exactly what I was thinking about your art journalling talents.

    Sweet dreams x

  3. Fab journal pages, lov eyour boookie one! Hope the aftermath of the nightmare faded and let you sleep eventually!

  4. These are great journal pages and I love the way you have photographed them. Not sure now if I want to explore my darkest fears if even the thought of what scares you triggers nightmares.

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