Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Purple Phase: purple with teal, coral + black

Hello, hello.

It's a rainy old day here and I'm wearing all black and brown ... so I'm going to indulge in a splash of colour ...
With today's palette, and the project I made with it, I'm hoping to show :
  • that it is possible to use lilac in a non-twee, non-cute manner!  
It is possible! I swear!

All you need is ... orange [or 'coral' if you want to be fancy about it, which I do]:
The inspiration for this scheme came from the seagull illustration I cut from a 1970s children's book:
The colours from each of the additional items I added were all taken from him:
  • I inked the edges of the lilac [Basic Grey] backing paper to reflect the colours on the wings;
  • But this meant the image blended in too well and was lost - so I added the spotted paper in a deeper, punchier shade.
  • The striped strip helped tie in the purple and teal shades;
  • The [7Gypsies] word sticker and [Jillibean] baker's twine picked out the yellow in the beak;
  • And the bunting stickers [by LilyB Designs] picked out all of the shades I'd used:

And that all important shade of coral came from his legs:

And I repeated this with a little scrap of crocheted trimming in the ideal shade! [I love it when I find just the right thing to match!]

So, maybe next time a lilac card, project or outfit feels in danger of straying into 'too cute' territory try breaking-up the cool shades with a lively touch of coral.

Just think 'seagull card'. What could possibly go wrong?! ;-)


I've got another outfit post on it's way using similar shades as today's palette, so I'll see you then.



  1. I love this.. simple and fun! Love love!

  2. That's a truly gorgeous card. I started my purple project last night - hoping to finish before the weekend.

  3. what a wonderful color scheme and I usually don't like coral. this is wonderful!

  4. This is fab, I don't normally do coral, maybe I should start.

  5. What a wonderful seagull illustration! I live in hope of finding such treasures in our local charity shops.. so far, no such luck!

  6. He's just lovely! A great colour combination to add to my growing purple collection - thank-you. :)

  7. Thanks everyone :-)

    @SarahLP - maybe you'll like the mixed paper packs I'm putting together for my shop then. [I hope so!]


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