Thursday, 17 November 2011

All the world's a stage: Mini theatre scene

First things first: Happy Birthday sib!

It's my sister's birthday today [or it's your birthday today ... if you're my sister] and today's project is the card I made for her / you. But then if it is you, you'll have already seen it as I gave you it last night.

OK! Enough of the time travel confusion .. or maybe not quite enough. You'll see ...

Anyway, here's the card:
But this is not just 'a card', no ... it's an interactive stage-set card complete with a fully functioning David Tennant ... [the latter of which I know for a fact was on her birthday wish list!]

As she recently went to see him perform in Much Ado About Nothing I used some appropriate wording cut from the vintage book [above] which I'm thinning out before I start to use it as an altered book/ journal.

If you'd like the full details on how I made this - it's my Design Team project here on the 3DJean blog today . But basically it's an Artchix chipboard 'Scalloped Stage' decorated with vintage wallpaper, shiny things and doodling - with stamped wording and characters glued to lolly sticks!

I hope she / you liked it!

Love you big sis. x

And if that's whetted your Shakespearean whistle and you fancy a bit more of the Bard then you might like the 'Culture, Literature & Shakespeare' themed pack of Plundered Pages I added to my shop last week:

End of shameless shop-plug.


I'm off to a crafting weekend with friends tomorrow morning .. so if I don't see you before ... I'll see you next week.
Julie x


Amanda said...

I'm sure your sister was thrilled. David Tennant was filming in the building where I work recently but sadly I wasn't there so wasn't one of the lucky ones who bumped into him in the lift or car park.

Enjoy your weekend.

Ginger said...

Gorgeous details on this card!!

Michelle Clement said...

Oh, what a cool card!! :) Love it!

jennifer said...

A really fun card, I love stuff like this, it's so different, a one-of-a-kind piece that she can treasure.