Monday 24 September 2012

Art Journaling: recipe card journal. Week 2 of LSNED

Me again.

I'm not quite sure how we're into the final week of September already, but we are, and that means that:
  • next Sunday I'll be blogging My Month in Numbers so, if you're planning to join in, you've still got time to draft a post and list some September statistics;
  • I'm about to begin working on Easter projects for a craft magazine. Easter. There are people out there worrying that it's too early to start mentioning Christmas cards ... and I've gone through the frosty festivities and am now out the other side... where it should be getting warmer and sunnier soon... in fact, it'll be September again any minute now ...;
  • so I'd better be quick and make sure I blog all of my Learn Something New Everyday pages [a class hosted each September by Shimelle Laine] ...
... so here are the lessons I learned in Week Two journaled on to my recipe card journal. [For Week One's pages, just hop back to this post]

September 8th:
I loved Parade's End. It was like a fine meal with every bite a complete treat. Such a shame it was only five episodes long as I could have devoured so much more!

September 9th:

September 10th:
This page was in reaction to Shimelle's prompt for the day to create a list by completing the sentence: '10 Things I've Learned From ...'.

On the back of the card I wrote down 10 things I've learned from my University job - which should have been easy. During the last 6 years there I've learned countless facts while attending hundreds of lectures on everything from animated walk-cycles to the law of tort ... so you think I'd be able to bring to mind at least 10 actual lessons ... but it was actually the moments I've had with students which leapt to mind first.

This is not necessarily because I'm a sentimental old fool ... but possibly related the fact that
, as long as I make accurate notes at the time ... I don't actually need to remember anything at all! That's not my job ... it's the student's!

September 11th:

September 12th:
 I loved the prompt for the 12th! To record something which might not make sense to others, like a sort of in-joke. It gave me the perfect excuse to jot down a few of the things I experienced that day on a walk with my Mam.

September 13th:
And finally for today ...

September 14th:
 Now, we all know I'm no stranger to the joys of overheard conversations ... but it never hurts to be reminded. This particular quality material came from listening into some old, rather posh, gents at a nearby table in a restaurant ... and it made me wish that [a] I had included a notebook in my clutch bag along with my lipstick ... and [b] that etiquette would have allowed me to write in it!

OK, so I've now blogged days 1-14 ... I'll best go and take more photos so I can share 15 ... and onwards.

I'll be back tomorrow to share how I'm actually storing my 30 recipe cards, so I'll see you then.

Julie :-)

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  1. Another great clutch of cards, Julie, and I'm dying to know what the missing word on the 12th is! These are such fun to read and I'm right with you on your learning from the 10th. Lovely post. :)

  2. Beautiful stuff!

    I am hoping to catch up on parade's End very soon - turned out not to be family viewing for a Friday night and I had to turn it over. Or maybe that was only the little bit I did manage to mum is now pressing the book on me, but I need to see all those amazing costumes

  3. I really love how you use your collage supplies. It gives me all kinds of great ideas. I'm doing a big recap later this week.

  4. i've enjoyed your've made me smile and your recipe cards look amazing!


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