Sunday 30 September 2012

My Month in Numbers 2012: September

Hi, hi.

I can't hold up the pretence much longer that it's not really Autumn ... mainly because it is. So here's the first officially Autumnal Month in Numbers of 2012.

Be warned: I usually aim to be upbeat here, entirely bright and chipper and willing to find the bright side but this month got it into its head to try me ... so let's start with the numbers which have tested my patience this month ...

2 = the number of leakages discovered.

One involving a blue ProMarker and a once-cream bag:
And another involving a bottle of shower gel and some [absorbent!] toilet paper: 
Now, if you've been reading my numbers for a while you might remember a statistic involving the aforementioned loo roll back in January this year when James randomly came home with, what I predicted would be, a year's supply of the stuff. 

Well, you'll be delighted [I'm sure] to learn that we were indeed on track to achieve this feat ... until the shower-gel scenario seriously threatened it.

But ... when I thought about it ... there was no real need to throw them away, after all shower gel has certain properties which well ... could come in useful. I'll spare you the details but I'll just say ... after a flush ... there are lots of soapy bubbles left behind ...

11 = the number of dresses which came crashing down with a heart-stopping clatter when the hook they were on fell out of the wall! If you remember last month's post you'll remember my lovely new bedroom wall hook from which I could finally, safely, hang up my dresses. Or so I thought ....

05:30am = the time of day 11 dresses came crashing down with a heart-stopping clatter when the hook they were on fell out of the wall!

2 = the number of much longer screws James used to fix the hook into the wall the second time around!

2 = the number of times James's van broke down on our drive.
1 = the number of manhole covers - on our neighbour's side of the drive -  broken by the recovery truck which came to cart the van away.

And in amongst all this ... as proof of my state of mind:

6 = the number of chocolate biscuits I distractedly crammed into the recycling bag:
[That's them cosying up to another number from this month '415 = the hair dye I used which also goes by the appropriate name of Delicate Iced Chocolate'].

It wasn't until I wondered why I was carrying an empty plastic wrapper around the kitchen that it dawned on me ... that I'd held on to the packet ... and thrown the contents away.

And, as we know, throwing chocolate away is one of the first signs of madness ... and here are a few more ...

... this is also the same month in which I:
  • found a tea loaf crumb on my face when I was half-way round Tesco [half way people!! I'd been walking round with evidence of my breakfast on my face for half my entire shopping trip!!] and ...
  • realised that for another shopping trip I'd been walking around with just the one earring in. Not because I'd lost the other. No. I found it when I got home ... still in the jewellery box where it had been all day since I put the other one in and must have got distra....
17 = the number of new/old books bought in a single trip. Note to self: next time, take a trolley!

8 = the number of old books a friend rescued from impending doom at work and brought to my welcoming arms/scissors:
Thanks again Jo!  They've already been put to good use in my Learn Something New Everyday journal. And that costume book has almost been pawed to death. I love it!!

30 = the number of collagey, messy, cards created to play along with Learn Something New Everyday. [Well at the time of writing I've only made 29 ... but by tonight I'll have all 30 completed.]

20 = the number of envelopes I filled with a tag plus vintage paper, punched patterned paper, gems, words and feathers and delivered to a local gallery owner as an exhibition-opening gift:
The idea was that he could give the packs away to visitors to promote his arty workshops and then the visitors could make a tag similar to the examples I left there. On the back people could declare what their 'art' was as he's hoping to show people that it isn't one fixed thing. I hope he managed to convince people to take a pack home with them and that there's 20 people out there having a go at some messy tag making this weekend.

And finally ...

8 out of 10 = the number of Afternoon Tea treats I managed to eat during a fabulously genteel feast with friends yesterday:
And the 2 I couldn't manage at the time came home with me - boxed up - where James ate one and a half and the other half is saved for me later today!

OK .... enough about me ... as always you're all welcome to join in with your own September stats at any point during the next month.

Here's the usual blurb again:
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And if this is all new to you check out the full Month in Numbers details here, which includes a tutorial to get you started.

Thanks for swinging in today, here's to a happy 10th month for us all.

Julie :-)


  1. Yum!.... I ate my single leftover for supper!

  2. That's quite a few disasters, Julie. Love how you look on the bright side. Recycling those loo rolls is genius.
    Having missed a few months, I hope you don't mind if I join in again? Here's my blog post for September

  3. You are very welcome. Thought the costume one would be a hit. We got the winter clothes out yesterday so it's now official. Hope next month is better :0)

  4. What an eventful month it's been. Eeek to the early hours crashing down though!

    I'm going to be late again this month ... what's new? ... but may manage to scrap Feb, April, May, June, August ... and September at next weekend's retreat. That's the plan anyway!

  5. Sorry its been a hazardous month for you - at least some of it sounds quite comical in the post!

  6. A real mix of things in your post! The bubbly loo paper made me smile, I think there is a marketing opportunity to be had here! I've joined in for the first time on my blog too.

  7. Awesome post! I may have to consider doing this sort of post, too. My biggest number would probably be how many times I forgot to do my post...

  8. soapy paper would help keep the toilet clean. Sorry to hear about the dress hanger collapsing & at such an inopportune time.

    I've got my post up today as well

  9. great numbers as always Julie - I'm sure my mum has that understanding cookery book lol! x

  10. A seriously fascinating set of numbers Julie. A month for rising above a series of domestic disaster by the looks of things

  11. You really made me panic reading, 'here's to a happy 11th month for us all.' thought I'd missed a month, guessing it's just a typo. Going to have a go at writing a blog post myself this week, loved your story about the hook!

  12. What a full month and life you've had.

  13. What a lot of irritants! Well done on taking photos of the 'altered' loo roll. I hope to join in again later in the week...

  14. What a month but such a lovely way to finish with the afternoon tea (I love them)

    Just posted my monthly numbers

    thanks as ever for this meme

  15. Love it.
    But one question - you, yourself, ate 8 cakes???????? Really?????????

  16. @favouriteworkofart they weren't all cakes H ... I had 4 x savouries, 2 scones and 2 cakes! And they weren't that big ... not really ... :-)

  17. I quite like the sound of bubbly paper. You may have started a trend! ;)
    How´s the hook doing?
    I don´t know the number of dye that was used this month for me but have the feeling it was called something like "Maniac redhead". You can see me from about half a mile. Lol!
    Loved your cards! Enjoy the new old books.
    What a fun idea about the tags!

    Here´s my 6th month in numbers. :) :

  18. I love the hook event! I'm glad you found some longer screws, I thought your dresses looked so lovely hanging there!
    My month in numbers is here Julie

  19. Oh this did make me laugh - I'm glad the rolls are lasting all year and that the shower gel enhancement is proving useful! Here are my numbers

  20. I'm hoping October has a lot fewer disasters for you Julie. I can so relate to distraction and throwing away the wrong thing and your leakage stories reminded me of the time a bottle of nail polish leaked inside a cream bag - UGH!
    My numbers are at

  21. Several days late - but my Month In Numbers is up.

  22. What a great month of numbers you have. My month was rather dominated by childrens sport. Here is my link.

  23. Looks like you have had another fun month - afternoon tea looks delish.

    Here are my numbers -

  24. My goodness what an eventful month you had x
    Here is mine, in numbers of course!

  25. I have done it now :)

    It is here

  26. Hello Julie! It's nearly the middle of the next month but I am glad to have managed to complete mine :). Your total of bought books puts mine to shame - I must boldly buy more!


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