Monday 29 April 2013

Introducing memory-keeping-by-numbers with 'Month in Musings' printables

Hello you.

What better way to start a new week than with sharing something shiny and new here.

So ... welcome to memory-keeping-by-numbers ... with 'Month in Musings' printable:
Over the last few months designer SJ Dowsett of Little Musings and myself have been busily working away, exchanging ideas, design notes and colour palettes  so we could bring you our first set of printable journaling cards inspired by regular My Month in Numbers series.
And ... as tomorrow I'll be blogging April's Month in Numbers post ... we thought it was perfect timing to let these loose into the crafty world: 

The download contains 21 designs to help you: capture life's vital statistics; to make fun lists; to keep track of plans, measurements, birthdays and more! And I think they will appeal to the all kinds of different creative types amongst you ...

Hello Month in Numbers scrappers:
Naturally these are completely perfect for you ... they fit with what you create already - and they're in a colour-way and design style that coordinates so well with many recent paper trends.
  • Drop back on Wednesday when I'll share my own Month in Numbers scrapbook page [my first ever M in N 12x12!] to give you an idea of how they could work for you.
Hello'Project Life' type memory keepers:
  • they're the perfect creative companions for you and all fans of multi-pocket memory-keeping
  • the printed designs will fit into many of the standard divided page protectors
SJ's designs mean you can keep all those facts and figures safe on these beautiful, modern, on-trend stylishly striped, washi-taped, dotted and wood grain-wonderful printables!
  • Drop back next week when our first super-talented Guest Designer will share her Project Life pages made using 'Month in Musings'!
And that's not all ...
Hello general scrappers [including digi-scrappers]:

Many of the cards will come in equally useful for general themed scrapbook pages ...
  • Come see me on Thursday when I'll share my 'Simply A Moment' page using the printables.
And, last but not least:
 Hello card makers:
Numbers are no stranger to greetings cards ... just think how you can put these to work for birthdays, anniversaries and more!
  • on Friday I'll share with you a card I made to help get your numerical ideas flowing! 
But if you want to grab yours right now ...
Here's where you can find 'Month in Musings':
The digital downloads are available from:
... and they come complete with a printing guide and more ideas on how to use them.


Right ... I'm off to perfect my Month in Numbers post for tomorrow by documenting the moments that count.

[Did I hear you groan just then? Did I?]



  1. You kept that quiet!...... They're fab... May just have to start MIN again...

  2. You'd be proud of me Julie my first MIN is scheduled for the 2nd (a day late but I'm relaunching my spruced up blog tomorrow)I'll be checking out these fab digi images though

  3. You are a dark horse (zebra) they look fab!!

  4. They look great....and perfect for all sorts of pages.

  5. These look so lovely Julie.

  6. Can't wait! After thinking about it for ages I've just put my first - in numbers - post up! :) Will link up tomorrow! :)

  7. Hope these do really well for you both!

  8. They're beautiful! I love the colours and I bet they are going to be very popular

  9. Awesoooommmme! Off to purchase these before I write up my MIN!

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