Sunday 14 July 2013

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt 2013: The Airshow Edition

Hi hi hi.

So, last week, when I wasn't here [by the magic of post-scheduling you probably won't even of noticed ... or cared ... nor should you! ] I was on or annual trip to Lincoln, James's original hometown.

Our yearly trip is partly so he can catch the air show at RAF Waddington and, as we only ever attend  one day of the show - even I can manage to [almost] not get bored and behave myself for that long!  And then the remainder of the time we're away we eat, mooch around the town and generally pretend 'work' doesn't exist.

Now, I know I said I don't get bored at the air show but ... I do have plenty of back-up plans just in case ... for example ...
  • I always take a book to read plus a notebook to scribble in while we're sitting down by the runway waiting for things to take off, fly about, and land [see how technical I am? You're impressed aren't you?]
And, in the past I've been known to amuse myself by:
Here's how I got on ...

Item No.4: Airplane
Now then, if I couldn't have found a plane to photograph at an airshow ... then, well ... I don't think anyone would be asking me to organise anything in a brewery any time soon.

But, that said ... the phrase 'spoilt for choice' springs to mind, as I simply could not decide which one of the many to capture for the hunt!

Eventually ... in the very last area we looked around ... right before heading for the exit ... I found this one which I deemed interesting and stylish enough to make the grade:
I have it on good authority [from my in-house plane expert] that it's a Saab Grippen belonging to the 'Tiger squadron' of the Swedish air force ... hence the amazing tiger design art work on the wings and tail: 
[BTW: when it came for me to write this I couldn't recall the term 'air force' ... instead I could only think of 'air flyees' ... which may suggest I haven't quite learnt all I should from the years I've been going to the airs how!] 

Item No.1: Open air market
It was a very, very, hot day down on that airbase concourse so there's James buying some cold orange juice from one of the many refreshment stalls at the show.

Not everything we ate was that healthy and, after re-reading my post from last year I realise we've accidentally begun a tradition. For two years running now we seem to have had a lunch of bacon + sausage sandwiches plus a Mr.Whippy ice-cream!

Item No.15: A fire truck or police car
I think that ones fairly self-explanatory really. It's a truck ... and it even says Fire on the side.

As with the outside bench form my earlier scavenger hunt post I like it when the item I've hunted has its name written across it!

It's unequivocal. Not contentious.  It leaves little room for debate about how I've interpreted the category.  But I fear I can't say the same thing about the next category ...

Item No.12: A cloud in the shape of something (please specify what you see)
I've been hunting one of these since I first saw Rinda's list ... and I reckoned that if I couldn't spot one while looking up into a vast open area of sky at the air show all day ... then it would be a poor do!

That was until it turned out to be a near cloudless sky!!

However I did manage to spot these two ... which I think look like ...

A dragon's head in profile:
What do you think? Can you see a big snout and an open mouth? Well I can!

Or how about ... a snail:
This one first caught my eye as it was so spherical ... but I thought I'd be pushing my luck to say it was in the shape of 'a ball'! But then I spotted the section on the left - which I think could be its snaily body and antennae / eyes.
So there's another four to cross off the list courtesy of a very hot day at RAF Waddington. While we were out and about in the rest of the Lincoln I managed to make an even bigger dent in that list ... and I'll share those item soon.
Happy Sunday to you - have a great week ahead.
Julie :-)


  1. I like the snail. Haven't found a cloud yet but it is a subject that prompts a lot of discussion :)

  2. Yes, I can clearly see the snail.
    Despite living 8 miles from Stansted airport and about 15 miles from Duxford airfield, I still haven't got a picture of an aeroplane! Maybe if Rinda had included handsome pilots in the list I'd have made that one a priority.

  3. Airplanes are a specialist thing aren't they? Wookie likes them and would probably have had a great time at the show, me - well I'd have taken a book and my notebook too ;)

  4. Love the photos and that plane is great. The snail made me laugh it's very cool.

  5. I love your plane. I have Plane envy. I can see the dragon quite plainly. I think the snail looks like Brian from the Magic Roundabout - I loved that show
    You are doing well with your scavenging.

  6. Love your second plane pic. I bet you could have done enough planes for all of us doing the photo challenge at that show. I understand about your boredom though and am so glad that my hubby isn't into planes.

    Yes, we'll give you the snail.. I've tried squinting at the dragon and have decided that you have a very creative imagination, lol.

  7. Fantastic finds!!! That plane is amazing, and I do see a snail for sure. It's such a beautiful market, too.

  8. Totally see the dragon and the snail (that round cloud IS cool!) - and it looks like the Swedish Air Force has a few artists in their ranks ! :)

  9. I love the plane! I have snapped a few planes but they are too boring and haven't chosen one for my hunt photos yet as I am waiting to see if I find something better! I don't think anyone could find a prettier plane that this one. I also like the snail.

  10. wow what amazing finds. Love the plane, so colourful. I am so glad you posted the snail cloud too as sadly I didn't see the dragon.
    Looks like you had a great day out and glad the weather was so good for you.
    Haven't spent anytime looking at clouds yet, hoping for a nice winters day to enable me to do this soon.
    Thanks for sharing

  11. I like the snail very much. We used to go to the Air Tattoo a lot as my Dad worked there for a few years (he is ex RAF). I was never that interested but I agree the sexy pilot hunt is a lot of fun! There was a famous time when we were meeting my Grandad there, we phoned him up to ask where he was and he told us he was standing by the aeroplane! Needless to say it took a while to find him!

  12. AND best airplane photo award goes to :::::drumroll::::: Julie Kirk!!!! Funny, I absolutely see the dragon but the one I see has his mouth closed lol

  13. Your airplane is just extraordinarily stunning - I think this is a prizewinner! I'd never has associated Sweden and tigers ... Yep, with you on the dragon and the snail. You are doing well on the hunt!

  14. I'm with you on the snail, definitely. The plane is fab and is certainly a winner. As for the truck with Fire writen on the side, genius!!

  15. Such great shots and good stories to go with them too (as always!) That snail is amazing!

  16. Such great shots and good stories to go with them too (as always!) That snail is amazing!

  17. What a great looking paint job on that plane! DH would have loved to be there but I'm with you - it does get boring. Love the snail!

  18. Some great shots there Julie. Love the planes and I can see the dragon and snail.


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