Monday 9 June 2014

Giveaway: Win Washi Tape + Washi Tape *Storage* from Julie Kirk & Chamby and Cor

Hello hello.
PLEASE NOTE: the giveaway has now closed. Thank you to all who entered!!

I'm Julie. Yes, I know you knew that already  ... but they didn't - did you people-who've-headed-over-here-from-Chamby and Cor?

But now they do.

So, now we're all acquainted ... how do you fancy a treat? Well ...

...  I've teamed-up with Rose, from Chamby and Cor a fellow Etsy-based craft supplies store, to bring you the chance to win something washi-flavoured this week:

Chamby and Cor is the home of fun and colourful craft supplies including a huge selection of Washi Tape, Glitter Tape, Bakers Twine and more which I somehow stumbled across when searching Etsy for a plentiful supplier of washi tape in the UK.
And you know how I like my washi tape!
So much so in fact that this year I began stocking the rings I use to store my own collection in my own Etsy shop.
And as I've got the storage rings ... and Chamby and Cor have got the tape ...
** it made perfect sense for us to join forces to offer TWO of you - our readers, customers and friends - the chance to win a little collaborative something from us ...
click photo to view the available designs
click photo to read more about the hinged hoops
So washi lovers how does that grab you?

[And if you're not yet a washi-lover ... then winning 5 tapes of your choice is going to be a great way to kick-off a collection!!!]

Here's what you need to do to be one of the lucky 2 ...
Competition Details:
How to enter:
  1. Take yourself off for a browse around the washi tape section of the Chamby and Cor Etsy shop.
  2. Select a few of your favourite tape designs - the type you'd like to receive if you're one of the two lucky winners!
  3. Come back here and leave us an idea of what's on your 'Washi Wish List' in a comment on this post right here. 
  4. Mention in your comment from which of us you heard about the giveaway. Did you get here following something I [me, Julie, hi!] said? Or have you popped over after being directed by Rose from Chamby and Cor? [This means we can pick one winner from each side!]
  5. And finally ... an optional extra ... you could tell us how many tapes you reckon you could squeeeeeeeeze on to your storage hoop![Have a look at the hoops in my shop here]. OR ... what else you could store on yours.
***The DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES is: 11pm [UK time] Sunday 15th June 2014
  ... and the winner will be announced both here on my blog and around social media during Monday 16th.
  • Entrants will be compiled into two lists depending on where you heard about the competition: Julie Kirk / Chamby and Cor.
  • Then one winner from each list will be selected at random using an online 'Random Number Generator'.
  • I'll get in touch with the winners for their postal address. [International entries are welcomed from anyone who accepts that they will have to cover any customs charges / taxes incurred]
  • Prizes will be posted out separately from the 2 shops, in two parcels.
IMPORTANT NOTE: When you leave your comment you'll either need to:
  • be signed into an account which will allow me to click through to a blog etc where I can leave a message if you win.
  • OR ... you'll need to leave a contact [eg. Twitter name / email] that I can use to get in touch.
  • If we can't contact you ... we can't send the prize! And another winner will be selected at random.
So ... ready, steady ... washi ...
Best of luck everyone!


  1. Oh my gosh . . . that mint green dandelion washi is to die for! I also love the measuring tape and vintage alphabet. And probably another floral, like the yellow kawaii and pink with white flowers would round out my order!
    I found this through Julie (who I follow!). I'm thinking a baker's dozen would fit on that hoop. Right now my washi tapes all live in a quart size ziplock baggie together. Clearly I need more!

  2. Hi, I've come over from Chamby and Cor. Love this giveaway idea!
    My list would include: owls, tulips, music notes and some glitter tape if that's allowed. If not I have others on my list!!
    I think you could fit 20 or 30 on a hoop like that,

  3. Wow, amazing washi designs!! I'm always drawn to the monochrome tapes- words, spots or stripes. And I love the blue lacy one and chevrons!! I'm guessing 25

  4. Popping over from Chamby and Cor! I love the hearts and clouds, turquoise rose, GLITTER and red stars :)
    Fab giveaway idea!
    Email is just in case. Fingers crossed! X

  5. Forgot to add- I found this comp via you on twitter, Julie x

  6. Awesome giveaway Julie. I have you on my reader for updates. I've yet to find a good way to store Washi tape. Looks perfect! I love the hearts and clouds, the handmade with love, the seagull and many more.

  7. Hello! I have come from Chamby & Cor! I love the 'handmade with love', 'hearts & clouds', 'tape measure', 'scissor & buttons' washis. It would be lovely to see a 'Crocheted with love' tape too! :D I recon you could squeeze 50 of these beauties on a hoop! I currently own 2, so have a long way to go to fill one!
    My email is Keeping my fingers crossed! xx

  8. Regular follower of your blog. Amazing selection over at Chamby & Cor. Really difficult to choose only 5. The wide tulip one is amazing. I love the duck egg blue one with leaves. Mint Green Dandelions. Any tape measure one. And the handwriting one is really cute.

  9. Julie, what a fantastic idea! Collaboration is always so much fun! I follow your blog regularly and I love your storage hoops! I bet you could fit 25 or so on those! It would be a great way to easily hang them from my iron bakers rack, which is currently my go-to storage solution! Chamby & Cor have such a fabulous selection. It's so hard to choose. But I have to say, the Birds on a Wire, Vintage Bird Print, Vintage Alphabet, Black and White Script, and Pink Washi with White Branches Blossoms Vines are most definitely on my Washi Wish List!

  10. Wow... Here goes, I heard about this right here on your blog (Julie Kirk) and if I was lucky enough to win, I'd love these five: red apples, retro flowers, harlequin, duck egg blue and multi coloured dots. Can possibly fit around 40 washi tapes on one hanger.

  11. Here via you, Julie! I follow your blog on Feedly.
    It's so hard to choose just a few, but I especially love the Inches Tape Measure, the Blue & Green Chevron, the Blue & Yellow Honeycomb, the Vintage Alphabet, and the Blue Water Drops. And, and, and! I bet I could cram 30 tapes on one of those lovely rings. :)

  12. I love washi tape and have chosen some of my fav's, which include the Love one, Birds on wire, Vintage Alphabet, Tape Measure & Blue Stripe.....I estimate that depending on width of the tape (I do have a couple that are wider than normal!!) you could get 25 + on the ring! Great idea!!

  13. Forgot to say that I came across this comp on Facebook as I get Rose's updates....

  14. Great giveaway gals! If I was lucky enough to win I'd choose these tapes (if they were still in stock): red apples, duck egg blue leaves, colourful bright nature print, kawaii yellow + red blossom, blue water drops. I think I could fit approx 30 tapes on the ring, depending on the widths. You could also use the hoop to store jewellery rings or bangles! I have pinned this and shared on FB too. I found the giveaway via Julie Kirk's FB page - I actually went to the washi quilt-style embellies first then came here. Thanks for the chance to win! x

  15. I love the blue washi tapes, especially the florals. I think I could fit 30 on the rings, if I squished them ;) I've come over from Chamby and Cor on FB.

  16. Hi, I've come over from Chamby and Cor's FB page. It's so difficult to choose, they're wonderful... I love the Birds on a wire, the Neon orange and pink, the Mint green dandelion, the Glittery silver, the Gold Cherry Blossoms, and everything that has flowers or polka dots on :) ... I reckon you could fit more than forty on the very big ring! I love this giveaway! I'm Zsuzsanna from @ZMzetaemme on twitter.

  17. Hiya, saw the giveaway on facebook from the "With Julie Kirk" page.
    I love the blue water drops, hearts & clouds, flourish, turquoise blue& orange washi tape, these were definitely my fav 4, couldnt pick between them.
    With a variety of sizes I'd guess I'd get about 30 washi tapes on a ring. Oooo, keeping my fingers & toes crossed as I'd love to win.

  18. I saw the giveaway as Jennifer Grace had shared it on her facebook wall. I love the colour blue and birds so plenty of choice in the shop.Saw in the shop you recommend the hoop storing 30 tapes obviously depending on width!

  19. I came to you from Julie, love the tapes, tape measure, zebra, birds, vintage,cherry blossom, biro scribbles I seriously have to get down to five favourites! I really must buy one of those hoops but I could probably fill it with 35 ish rolls I already have!

  20. Wow, so much temptation -pink and vintage and teal and music always float my boat. Glitter - not so much. I saw this giveaway on Julie's facebook feed. I think that one of those large hoops would hold 2 dozen rolls - with room to slide them around while playing with ideas - plus room for a few more to come. Always have to leave room for those very near future acquisitions.

  21. Oh my goodness, are you ready for this? What a delicious haul ... I've fallen for the Vintage birds, the Blue and Pink Blossoms, and the Duck Egg Blue. Along with the Vintage Alphabet. Not to mention the wonderful black and white ones like the owls, the black and white script, the Tape Measure, the Hawaii, the Flourish ... Then there's the Mathematics ones for Your Month in Numbers pages and - because it's you, of course - the Zebra print :). is that enough to be going on with? As for how many would fit on your great rings, Julie (for it's on your blog that I am reading all about it) ... I reckon I might squeeze abut 32 on. Though there wouldn't be much room for manoeuvring! Other purposes? I'd thread on all the bits of spirals for my Bind It All - they get left over when I make a notebook or album, and I can't bear to throw them out in case I could use them for a mini book. At the moment, they tangle themselves up in a box - a couple of your hoops would be perfect :).

  22. Hi Julie. I just found your blog today via a google search for -- collage art journal -- and I'm so happy I did. I love your work ... so inspiring for someone just beginning art journaling ... truly lucky to find you during this wonderful Give-away. I have just a few rolls of washi tape ... so ... my washi wish list would include: retro flowers, mint green crosses, black & white retro flowers, black & white crosses, red & white polka dots ... and the storage hoop would be wonderful / you mention in the item details that it will hold about 30 rolls. Sometimes I incorporate embroidery thread in my work / I think it might be handy to store the little bundles of thread on a hoop. My email if I should be so lucky to win:

  23. Wow I have just found you after seeing your blog on Papermill`s Facebook page. I must say I am very excited about your ideas with washi tape because I have loads but I have run out of ideas. I had a look on Chamby and Cor and I love the Washi`s with small flowers, polka dots, Lace or glitter but to be honest I would not say no to any of them I think I am a Washi Magpie lol. The large ring looks as though it would hold round about 25-30 rolls. Many thanks Tinaco

  24. Hi Julei, what a great giveaway! My faves include gold chevron, gardening (of course:)) hearts and clouds, vintage alpha, bird house. I agree with the others, 20-30 depending on how wide will fit on your ring. My washis are in a little plastic drawer unit. I haven't bought any new ones for while, so I'm hotfooting back to Chamby and Cor to order some, even though I might win some.......

  25. Such a fab giveaway - which I found via this blog as I am a follower. My washi tape collection is quite small at the moment (note I say at this moment LOL!!!) I should imagine you could fit at least 20 on those hoops depending on the widths. My favourites from Chamby and Cor are Butterfly and Flowers (no surprises there!!), grey and white polka dots and hearts and clouds. Thanks for the chance to win x

  26. What a fabulous giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win! My favorite washi's are the hearts and clouds, the love letters, the mathematics, the kawaii yellow birds and leaves, and the handmade with love washi tapes. I heard about this giveaway via this blog. I guess 20-30 tapes could fit on your rings. Thanks again for the chance! :)
    MJ little panda crafts

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. What fantastic Washis! I am sitting here drooling, and unable to make up my mind which ones I like best! Well' here goes.Fish print washi, Bird House washi, Vintage Alphabet washi,
    Owl washi (cos owls are sorta like my zebras ),Biro Scribbles washi. I heard about the giveaway because I receive your emails and also follow you on Facebook Julie. my email is de.mamacrystal74 at gmail dot com. Cheers!

  29. Hi
    All are amazing and I really wouldn't mind any of them but I do love the Red Star washi, Black love washi, Grey with white dots washi, Vintage alphabet and the truck washi (for my little boy) I heard about the give away on Facebook as I follow you. You can email me on Thank you for the chance xx

  30. Hello! I came from Chamby and Cor, who always makes me want to buy sooooo much more than I need!
    I would choose: Hearts and clouds, happy birthday, gold spots, sweet birds and hearts and kawaii yellow floral :) (I tried to pick one from each amazing page and not get drawn in by the glitter tape!)
    I think you could probably hold about 33 rolls on there - it looks like a big hoop! And you can find me as either @Aerisa_x on Twitter or :) x

  31. Hi fabulous giveaway would love the chance to win my washi wish list would be vintage bird print, kawaii yellow birds & leafs, seagull, pink with white branches and orange & white polka dot I found the giveaway by Rose at Cham by and a lovely ladie she is too! I say about 30 tapes on the storage hoop I would try and hang rolls of organza ribbons on it too ;) I like both your pages and etsy shops x christinewalker24@hot come see my page on Facebook Christine's Jewellery Box

  32. Popping over from Chamby and Cor!
    I've just started my own papercut business this year so all of that would have a great use :)
    The 5 I LOVE are..Mint Green Dandelion Wishes, Hearts and Clouds, Duck Egg Blue, Kawaii Yellow Birdies and Leaves and finally Blue and Pink Blossom.

    I think I could squeeze a minimum of 30 on the hoop!!
    My email is

  33. to choose?! The little trucks one is gorgeous, owls, birds on a wire, script alphabet, something retro flowery....something glittery if that's allowed, oh they're all sooo pretty!!!

    I came over from Chamby and Cor (who I found through the wonderful Clarise Crafts).

    I think I could get about 25 on the hoop, much better than the drawer where they are all currently stuffed!

    My email is

  34. I've came over from Chamby and Cor!
    I love them all, but my favourites are: Mint and Green dandelion, gardening, hearts and clouds, vintage bird and sweet birds and hearts. (I's very hard to choose!!)

    I think I could get about 25-30 on the ring.

    my email:

  35. I came over from Chamby and Cor!!

    I would struggle to choose but I did love all the black and white ones, oh and the owls and the hearts!!!

    I reckon you could probably get 25-30 on the ring

    my email -

  36. Just testing *waves* from Chamby and Cor ; )

  37. I have come from Chamby and Cor.
    If i had to pick a few they would be:
    Duck Egg Blue Washi Tape, Pale Blue Stripe Washi Tape, Pink Cake Washi Tape, Seagull Washi Tape, Pink & Blue Blossom Washi tape. I think that you could squeeze on 35! :) which is even more reason for a washi addiction.
    My email is

  38. Hi Julie, thanks for the chance to win some washi tape. These are just too lovely and it was hard to choose but my favourites include:
    Vintage Bird Print
    Vintage Alphabet
    Tape Measure
    and Nautical
    I came here direct as I follow your blog!!
    I'd probably get about 30 washi tapes onto a ring depending on their thickness - currently I hang them on a trouser hanger that has several rows - a different one for each colour. The rings would be great for when I work away from home though. They look good too :)
    Mr email address is@
    Again, thank you and to Chamby and Cor for a chance of winning!!


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