Monday, 27 October 2014

An 'altered' book and scrappy collage adventure: sneak peek

Hello hello.
So ... I keep talking about the altered book I started back in September don't I? And I keep telling you I'm going to share it here soon. And over on my Facebook page I've even mentioned that rather than being a simple 'here's my finished work' approach, my draft posts on the subject have now actually morphed into something of a mini workshop!!
A free workshop that is. Here, on my blog, where you can follow along in 'real time' or simply pin / make a note to dip back into at any time in the future.
A workshop filled with practical tips to construct an altered book alongside wider collage inspiration plus encouragement for anyone who might like to try something similar.
The main trouble I'm having in preparing the posts is [a] finding a good stretch of time to take all the photos necessary - there's lots!! and [b] finding a good stretch of time to take the necessary photos in photo-friendly daylight!!  I really do want to get some good shots of the finished pages or else there's not much point me sharing them.
And so ... as I keep promising all this without providing evidence that I have actually made this project; I felt it was about time I shared with you some creative proof-of-life! So here's one of my favourite pages from the whole project ... to give you a flavour of the style of work I'll be demonstrating in the workshop::
 So ... if relaxed, slightly abstract, scrappy paper collage is something you'd enjoy experimenting with ... then it'll be a treat to have you on board!
I'm thinking of calling the series 'Fortune & Geese Favour the Bold' for reasons which may[ or may not] become clearer as I share my pages. Either way ... I like the title and, if you're  feeling a little uncertain about trying a new style or technique I think it's good to be reminded that your efforts will be favoured by fortune ... and geese ...
Anyway ... here's all you need to know about:
'Fortune & Geese Favour the Bold: An 'altered' book and collage adventure with Julie Kirk: 
  • It's a free workshop via a series of blog posts here on my blog;
  • There be lots of photos  ... just as soon as I get a good photo-taking day! I'll use the images to explain and explore the approach I took to collage in this project as well as the construction of the book they're housed in;
  • You're welcome to create along with the posts, or simply save up the ideas for a later date;
  • You won't need any particularly specialist materials. The majority of the project consists of  paper and glue. Everything else is optional.
  • I'll be issuing a full supplies list and class preparation notes here before the start of the series;
  • There'll be a new range of small collage scrap packs available through my Etsy shop during [and after] the workshop for anyone wanting a fresh boost to their own supplies.
  • Oh and, the workshop will be free ... or have I already mentioned that?
So, if you can picture yourself curled up on an Autumn night [or any night for that matter!] with a bag of paper scraps on your lap, a book to stick them in and an attitude of 'let's just see where this papery adventure leads me' ... then this is for you.
May the geese favour you my crafty friend!
Julie x
p.s: I'm avoiding saying exactly when the series will start as I'm a bit deadlined-up all this week ... so don't want to make any promises I can't keep! But expect the prep-notes to land in the next week. Probably.  


  1. you are even tempting me and I don't do all this arty shi...... stuff

  2. Someting like this couldn't have come at a better time for me - thank you Julie, I would love to play too!!

  3. Sounds great. May the geese be with you Julie

  4. will be following this, I love altered books

  5. looks great Julie! I would love to play along with you guys as well.

  6. ooooh take your time...then I might just be able to join in. Everything is packed away at the moment due to work on the house. Otherwise, I will enjoy your posts and pin for a later date!

  7. I'm always in awe of those that can create Altered art, I feel it's beyond me. So I'll certainly be keeping an eye out

  8. Looking forward to it Julie. Love the title and I have a pile of papers that won't fit in my latest junk journal and waiting to be used.

  9. looking forward to your workshop!

  10. Ooh I think I'll be up for this.


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