Friday, 24 October 2014

Halloween craft kit ideas

Hello. Or perhaps that should have been "BOO!".

OK, maybe not ...

... but with a week to go until Halloween I thought I'd share some of the spookier themed crafty kits  available in the shop.

If you're a scrapbooker then these would be ideal to grab now to use once you've printed out your photos of this year's costumes. They'd also make nice additions to any party decorations too.

First up is my personal favourite [I do like a nice skull every now and again ...] it's an Interesting Bits kit called 'Skulls & Sparkles' - . It features papers, ribbons, stickers and general 'bits' on a skeletal theme .. with a hint of glitter ...
But if the dark side isn't quite your thing then how about 'Bright Halloween' [above] instead?

These are the new, smaller sized and lower priced Interesting Bits which, at £5, have proved popular! There's currently just 1 of the bright and 2 of the skull kits remaining [all the other themes sold out].

And if it's something a bit more vintage or mini-bookish you're after then there's one Halloween themed Plundered Pages pack left in the sale [£6] [below right] and one Harry Potter-esque pack too [left]:
There's also the Pack-of-Pockets in green or purple which would make great boosters to Junk Journals and mini-books featuring your Halloween photos and stories. And if it's just the traditional colours of Halloween [black, orange, purple, green] you'd like to craft with then there are actually quite a few other kits in stock which would fit the bill ...

 ... just drop into the shop and I'll have your order posted out to you with scary efficiency [OK, look, I'll do the best I can ... it might not actually scare you ... depends how jumpy you are really ... I was just aiming for a silly Halloween-based phrase ... this has taken all the fun out of it now ... ].


Did I get you that time?

Julie ;-)

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