Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Be inspired: Go 'Random'

Hi, hi.

I've been a bit quiet over here in BlogWorld [if it's any consolation to you ... I'm pretty quiet in 'real' life too ... so there's really no need for you to take it personally ...] but that's not to say that I haven't been doing anything blogable; in fact...
  • I've been working on projects for my regular features at Papercraft Inspirations magazine and, like a reindeer in need of the toilet, I've sped through my Christmas-themed work and am now feeling relieved and Spring-like.
  • And I'm also back on the University campus twice a week in my support role [for students with disabilities]. So far the term has involved lots of timetable changes ... and a lecturer handing out conkers as a reward. To Masters level students ... never a dull moment in the School of Maths & Computing [no ... wait ... that can't be true ...]. ;-)
  • I've also been finishing off my recent altered / collaged book to share with you here soon - with lots of tips and ideas for how you can make something similar [so it's taking me longer than I thought!]
  • Plus I've been collecting together lots of festive 'stuff' to go into Christmas/December-ish themed Junk Journals ... which will be coming soon ...
But something I can offer you right here right now is the opportunity to go a bit random ...
These are my latest lucky-dip, sold unseen, dare you try, who knows what you'll find, priced to sell [just £2!!] crafty inspiration kit ...
Here's how I describe them in the shop:

*Randoms* are packs of 20+ items for you to add to your crafting supplies - sold on a lucky-dip basis. I'll simply pluck one - appropriately enough - at random for you.

You won't know what's inside the pack until you open it up ... and that's all part of the fun!!

Priced to be an affordable treat and a fun stocking filler
*Randoms* cost less than most take-out sandwiches and, unlike in a sandwich, you'll actually be pleased to find some odd surprises inside these packs!!

It's like your Grandma would say: "What can you get for a few quid these days?"

To give you an idea of what you can expect there are a few 'example' packs in the photos above. As a further clue ...

** there's nothing larger than a greetings card ...
** and nothing smaller than an atom!

And the kinds of items you might find inside your pack of random randoms include:
- ribbon
- patterned paper
- stickers
- buttons
- die cuts
- charms
- beads

Absorb them into your general supplies or ... maybe even challenge yourself to sue as many of them as possible in one go!

Be brave ... go random!

No one's left any official feedback on Etsy for their Randoms yet, but a satisfied customer did leave this comment on my 'WithJulieKirk' Facebook page after receiving hers: "Got my packs today. Absolutely loved them. It's quite exciting opening them to see what there is inside. A must buy!!"  ... which was fun to hear!
I personally love the 'mmm, I'm not quite sure what I've actually bought' thrill you get when  ... erm ... when I'm not quite sure what I've bought! [Remind me to tell you about the mysterious bulk lot of postcards I've bought on Ebay this week!]
You know what I mean ... the lure of the unknown, the lucky dip, the lottery, the tombola stall, the scratch card ...
Although ... I can absolutely guarantee you'll find something lovely inside your Random pack ... no nasty surprises, no booby prizes, no lump of coal if you've been naughty. Just a sealed envelope of nice bits and bobs I'm letting go of which you can use in your next project. After all someone else 'bits' are always more interesting than you're own ...
And on that note ... I'll be off.
See you when I get my glasses [which is another thing my Grandma used to say ...]
Julie :-)


  1. What a great idea these are Julie :)
    Claire xx

  2. Oooh, more possible loveliness in the post :). Your first bullet point creased me up. The tea splatters on my laptop screen bear witness!


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