Thursday, 6 May 2010

Overheard: Cuisine

In part due to the loans they take out to cover tuition fees, modern-day students often act more like sophisticated, business-like consumers rather than the stereotyped living-like-an-animal persona they've been given in the past.

On the other hand ....
..... I do still occasionally catch glimpses into a more 'traditional' student life. Such as .....
Student 1 [in a superior tone]: A ready meal is not cooking.
Student 2 [in confessional mode]: I've never used my pans.
[Overheard Nov 5th 2009]

Photo details: I had to laugh [and take a photo] when I spotted a mattress discarded in front of a window display reading "A new concept in student living"!

[Edinburgh 18.10.08]

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  1. We used to have to be money saving on a grant using lager instead of milk on our cereal (to save us buying milk, obviously) :)

    Great photo.


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