Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I'm sort of like this

First things first, I'd like to thank those of you who joined in with the 'fill in the blanks' Q&As I set over on Copy+Paste during our party warm-up. I've loved reading through your replies!

As promised here's mine. You might have thought that having set the questions I would've had an easier time answering them .... 'twas not so ...

1. Everyone knows that I am usually the quiet one in social group situations but you'd never guess that I'm not really that afraid of official public speaking.

2. I'm proud to admit that I like the scent of Guerlain 'Idylle' perfume but my guilty pleasure is the smell of my cheap Aldi lipglosses which remind me of when I was a little in the 70s!

3. I'm inspired by Andrew Miller, so much so that I often have to pause after reading a line to digest its perfection, and it surprises me when I realise that I've only actually read 2 of his novels.

4. I'm always within arms reach of a notebook but I'm never likely to stop wanting to buy a new one... or two ... every now and again:

How Many is Too Many??

5. I've got lots of lovely garden plants and a very sweet 4x6ft greenhouse but I've always wanted my very own botanical hothouse [plus my very own botanical hothouse keeper to take care of it!]:6. I tried to mount the curb while cycling, with a preoccupied mind and it all ended in tears, A&E and x-rays:

7. If I never finish my current library book 'The Procrastinator's Handbook' [which I've already had to renew once] it will be a joke. Literally. As in: I say, I say, I say would you recommend 'The Procrastinator's Handbook'? .... I don't know ... I never got round to reading it ...

8. I didn't realise how by simply buying a laptop and installing wireless internet access my life would change so much and now look at me, I'm here talking to you for a start! 9. It's not that I don't like going to the cinema but I'd really rather find one which didn't mind me getting up, wandering about and generally fidgeting!

10. Doing housework makes me feel like Sysyphus.

11. Someone once told me that they couldn't have done it without me and then I cried on my way home!

12. I'm happy to say that I know who I am - most of the time - and even when I forget, I know I'm still there somewhere. Waiting. Thanks for reading through these, they really were so very tricky to do!

If you feel like joining in and answering one / all of these questions yourself on your own blog, Facebook , on a layout, in a journal etc etc then please do - here's the link to my original set of questions.

So now you've read mine, what do you reckon? Could you have predicted any of those?

Or am I not who you thought I was? ;)


p.s: I've blogged a layout about a tiny kitchen over on Scattered Scarlet blog today ... how can you resist hopping over there to see that?


  1. I was surprised to see that you think of yourself as a procrastinator..and then I thought it's back to that perfectionism thing again. You don't want to start until you are sure you are going to get it right. I know the feeling. Great answers.

  2. Great answers! I love your elbow page even if it made me go 'owwwwww'.

    I am extremely envious about your wireless lappy but hopefully I wont be by the end of the year :P

  3. Well, I haven't "known" you very long, as I only found your blog recently; but I like to hear about my "blog friends" and learn a little about them. People are so interesting and it's great to get to know folks who share my interests and hobbies (and sometimes my sense of humour or life experiences).
    They are fun and interesting responses - very creative. Which of course makes me assume the same about you!
    Owww about the falling off your bike incident. I skidded mine on some gravel on my way to do my A-level French exam. Had a huuuuuge hole in my knee. School nurse offered me hospital for stitches OR a bandage and my exam. I chose the latter. I still have a big scar on my knee, but I also have an French A level! (and after all, I never wanted to be a super-model!)

  4. Oddly, you're very much the person that I thought you were and I absolutely adore your No.12 x

  5. While it always surprises me a little, it seems quiet people don't mind public speaking and others, maybe those who are a little bit louder in a group, actually really struggle with it. Maybe you're not shy, you just speak when you have to. :)

    I also have to refrain from buying every notebook I see. Something about fresh, blank pages is so inspiring . . .

  6. I love the bit about looking/finding yourself - and it had never occured to me that you might be quiet in a group! I had always imagined you as being the laughing, chatting one in the middle! Loved your thoughtful list especially with the lovely LOs to illustrate or illuminate them further. Superb post! x alexa

  7. 1. Me, too! I may have been the world's quietest-off-duty tour guide.
    7. I am currently listening to 'The Now Habit' on same subject. Ears faring a little better with the subject. :)
    8. Oh, yeah.
    9. Double yeah. (If I don't have an aisle seat, you really don't want to be sitting next to me.)
    10. Triple yeah.
    11. It wasn't me, but I couldn't have either. On many occasions.
    12. You are my hero. I want to be able to say this, one day not too far in the future. :)


    PS. It's bastard hard work - I have started mine a dozen times, and still not done. You're a task-master and a half, woman!


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